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Monday, March 20, 2017

First Week of the Transfer - February 27, 2017

Sis. Allen
This week was pretty interesting. With all the meetings and everything we didn't actually have a lot of time to really work the area.. but we tried our best!! This is what went down:

Monday: we said goodbye to Hermana Holguin with some froyo and she said goodbye to some members that night. This branch LOVES her, she definitely left big shoes to fill.
Tuesday: we had transfers!! I played the mission song while we all sang and it was crazy! I'd much rather sing, but ya know :)  We came back to our area and we taught quite a few lessons! It was really good, Sister Allen got to know the area pretty quick! We had a fun branch FHE that night where we played a crazy game about popping balloons and looking up scriptures. We won one of the rounds so we got some chocolates and a cute little bear. Go team!! It was fun to see a bunch of the members there, and that was also good for Sister Allen. I think she probably felt a little overwhelmed by learning so many new names and faces (as it goes in a new area), but she's a champ. She's learning really fast, I'm not worried about her :)
Wednesday: district meeting woo!!! Our district leader is Elder Koo, a Korean elder from Southern California. He's pretty old in the mission, he really knows what he's doing. He's a good one! It's funny how different the zone feels, and not much changed. But most of the zone is training right now, there's just 4 companionships out of 11 that aren't. We're a super green zone!! After that we got some groceries and saw a few people that evening, including cute old Pola and Michael. We brought the YM President, Harold, with us and taught about the priesthood and it went super well! I love Michael so much. He's such a stellar kid.
On Thursday we had correlation in the morning which was super good and needed. Our little branch here needs a lot of love. We're doing what we can! We did a TON of weekly planning that day and i tried to catch sister Allen up on the area and the people. We're making plans to do some FHE's with all the members and have them invite their non-member friends to come. We hope we can really help them learn how to do their own finding. Members are the finders, were the teachers, you know! (Hint hint go find some people for those poor Boise elders hehe) We saw Brenda during the afternoon and she's doing well. She had her baby last week!!
I forgot to write about that last week. We called her on Sunday to see how she was doing, and she said "I'm good! Did you get the pictures I sent you? I had my baby on Thursday!!" Hahaha it was crazy! We were so surprised, and so was she! Anyway, she hadn't named it at that point, but she told us just yesterday (Sunday) she's naming her Lia Michelle (after Sisr Holguin) isn't that adorable? So cute :) so anyway, the baby was premature so she has to stay there until April, but Brenda has been home and all is well with her :)
Friday we had a new leader training meeting and then a meeting to plan for the all-sisters conference happening this Wednesday. It's going to be super awesome! So all us STL's were there helping sister and President Taggart plan for that. Well be doing lots of trainings and role plays, it'll be sweet. Sister Allen and I are working on the baptismal invite and how to be confident in that :) woo! After that meeting we got our new car! It's a RAV 4, pretty sure it's a 2017. When we got it it had 23 miles on the odometer. Haha!! It's insane, folks. Probably the nicest car I'll ever drive. It has voice control and I can ask it to call people for us. I can also finally play all the music I've had on my USB my whole mission! And if we get to close to a car while on cruise control it automatically slows down, and correct us if we're going outside the lane lines. I love that car so much. It's name is Fab. He's a babe.

Saturday we went to Ellis Island! It was pretty slow when we first got there, so they sent us to go have a little tour around the building led by a ranger. It was fun to explore a little! I love that place a lot, there's always something more to learn. It'll be fun to go there with you guys someday! I'll show you all the cool stuff :) When we were walking outside after lunch we met this sweet Colombian guy,
Mazo, and talked about who we are and what we do as missionaries. He kept talking about how we're so pure and have so much light because we stay out of the world. He was so intrigued to know how we got to close to God. We finished our service and it actually got busy, and then we came home. We saw Nora and Jared and their abuelita, and when we started the lesson a random guy, Johnny (probably a friend of Nora?) walked in and sat down with us! We taught about repentance and it went super well. The Spirit was really strong and they took it all well. They know what they need to change, and we know too! Something I'm trying to work on is being more brave. I'll write about that in a second :) But on the way home Sis Allen wasn't feeling super well, so we came home early and she went to bed while I made a couple calls.
Long-story-short, we were up for a couple hours in the middle of the night because she was moaning and groaning because of stomach pain and bad dreams. I felt so bad and helpless, there was nothing I could do :( But we called the mission nurse at 2 in the morning and she told us about some pills we could give her and that she just kind of had to gut it out.
In the morning on Sunday she was feeling okay-ish, so we went to stake conference over in Morristown. It was a good meeting, but I was having a hard time focusing because I was worried about how Sister Allen was feeling and if Michael was understanding what was going on. Patricia was super sick, too, so she couldn't make it.  Anyway, we came home and then Sister Allen took some Dramamine and was out for the day. I studied a lot, and read a bunch in Jesus the Christ. It's taken me forever, but I'm almost done now! Just a couple more chapters! It was really powerful to read about Gethsemane and Calvary and all that happened there. The book is a little deep and complex sometimes, but I like to think it keeps me sharp ;) haha just kidding. But I love how it's written and how everything comes together andmakes so much sense. It just amazes me to think that it's all real. Ya know? Like this man that lived a perfect life was arrested and condemned through trials that were illegal and made no sense, and he was killed because of peer pressure from an angry mob. He did nothing wrong and was given the most cruel, awful form of death. He died because his heart literally broke as he hung on the cross. But he rose again!! The first resurrected, perfect being! He came back and met with his apostles and taught them again. And today, He lives. And He knows and loves each one of us! He did all he did out of love for us, his brothers and sisters. And no matter what we do, we'll never be able to repay Him for all He's given us through His infinite sacrifice. But he asks thatwe come with broken hearts and contrite spirits and He promises He'll make it enough. It still makes no sense to me, His mercy is too overwhelming. The way it overpowers justice is incredible. I don't get it. And I don't think I ever will! But that's okay :) I trust Him and I know it's real. Anyways that's my insight for the week :) it's all true!!
In other news, sister Allen is still sick this morning, so we'll be here in the apartment for the day. I organized my desk and the Elders came and got the car and are doing some grocery shopping for us. They brought us Gatorade and cinnamon rolls, so those are cooling off right now :) it's weird how old I am out here.. I'm literally 3 years older than most of the Elders, especially the new ones, and I've been in the field for a year. Isn't that weird? I thought by this time I'd have this whole thing figured out. Haha nope. The Lord is so good to me, He helps me find new weaknesses every day :)
Have a great week! 
Sorry this email is forever long!! I just have a lot of love for you guys and the Savior today :)
Hermana MillingtonNew Jersey Morristown Mission

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