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Monday, March 20, 2017

ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!! - March 20, 2017

Thanks, Nana, for the headbands!!!

This week was crazy. It flew by REALLY fast. There were a lot of things that happened, lots of ups and downs.
On Monday night we had a sweet FHE at the Martinez home with Brenda and Jorge and their kids and Nora and her friend (our investigator)Johnny. It went super well! We sang and talked and testified and ateand it was really good :) I love the Martinez family!
Tuesday we woke up and it was SNOWING!! People had been talking all weekend about the storm warnings, so we weren't surprised. But the wind was blowing super hard, it was way ugly out there. President Taggart told us we couldn't drive anywhere, so we worked on some planning and phone calls and stuff in the house for most of the day! We made it to Julia Torres house later! Love that family. They're super good to us. And we wore the headbands Nana made us :) I'll send pictures!
Wednesday we had district meeting, and then we saw a ton of members!
Thursday we had weekly Planning and SLAYED. We stayed super focused and called all he people and set all the plans and it was great! We worked really hard. We saw a couple people that night, and ended at Patricia's house with Hermana Gonzalez. She made us asopao (this traditional Dominican food) and it was yummy! A good chicken and vegetable soup. I love that family a lot, too.
Friday we had exchanges, and I went with  sister Flinders! We had a great time! We met some great English people, including this guy from Guyana. We knocked their door and met his sisters mother-in-Law who told us at the door she was struggling a lot because her son has cancer. We told her we wanted to share something with her and she let us in! It went super well, she's looking for a church to fill the hole in her life. And Jango (the guy from Guyana) took us through some of the history of he Caribbean islands. Haha! Good guy.
Then when she was backing me out from someone else's house, she started a conversation with this girl that had a cute coat! When we told her about Joseph Smith really briefly, she started crying. She said she had been looking for God a lot lately and felt like she was finally receiving her answer. It was so cool!
Saturday was a hard day. I've had some hard hours in my mission, but this whole day was rough. It was so dark and gloomy outside and things just weren't going like we wanted them to! It was hard! But I learned that having someone to listen is so important :) and that prayer fixes a lot! It doesn't take all our problems away, but it helps us face them a little bit stronger.
Sunday was good, our branch council went super well! I'm excited about it. We saw a few people last night, including Yahaira and her sons and then Patricia. She's super worried about Michael, we're going to try to see him and be in touch with him more! But he might be moving back to the DR soon.. so that's sad :(
But good news!! I finished Jesus the Christ this week! Woo! It was so good. I love that book. I'm stoked to read it again:)
Sister Allen is feeling like well be splitting up after is transfer, so that's a bummer :( but we'll see what happens! I'm loving the area and the people and life is good :) I'm learning and growing little by little. It's been a big year and I can't believe all the miracles and love I've seen. The Lord is so good :)
Hermana Millington

New Jersey Morristown Mission

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