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Monday, March 20, 2017

Non-stop Pizza. It must be New Jersey. - March 13, 2017

This week in the space of four days I ate pizza FIVE TIMES. What in the world?! I love pizza, but... haha it was good though :)

This was a good week!! We had interviews with President this Tuesday and that went well! I love President Taggart. What a great man :) then we had exchanges with Sisters Malafu (from Hawaii) and Morenvile (from Haiti). It was fun! They're super different sisters but they're way awesome and we love them a lot :) sister Malafu and I found this less active who fed us this fish that was pretty much just a fish cut in half, we got the tail end luckily. Haha it was pretty boney, but not too bad!

Wednesday we had to drop off the sister up in New City, NY (the NY area that's in our mission). On our way to district leader council with the zone we accidentally went over the George Washington Bridge AGAIN. I'm so tired of that bridge. Hahaha! Then we went to a park to pray and figure out what the Lord wants us to do this transfer. We were feeling overwhelmed but we pulled ourselves together and then found a new investigator! Boom!

Thursday we had zone conference and that was great! We learned some good skills and had fun :) some good trainings by the zone leaders and assistants. Friday we went on exchange with sister Mora (from Mexico/Kentucky) and sister Gonzalez (from DR/Louisiana). They're awesome! It was fun to be with S Mora, she knew Raquel Demordaunt when we were back at BYU! I probably saw her at the cannon all the time! Small world, huh? She's a really great missionary, she goes home in May. Crazy how time flies! We taught and planned and contacted and talked and life was good! We did some service that morning and Saturday morning at this old church helping give food to people that
need it. My arms hurt pretty bad Saturday morning from lugging some big boxes everywhere. I also did like 100 leg lifts on Wednesday and it made walking for the rest of the week really rough.. yeah morningworkouts!!

We also spoke in church Sunday and that went well! My time was cut pretty short, but I read in 1 Corinthians 12 where it talks about being members of a United body and talked about how enduring to the end includes looking out for our neighbor. We also got a new RS prez that I'm super excited about! We have an FHE at their house tonight with Brenda and Jorge and their kids.

The most eventful thing this week I think was that we were with Brenda and Jorge like every day. We're doing what we can to be a strong support for them and really get the members involved!! Their lives are just so crazy and it hurts my heart a lot.
Anyway, I love you guys :) I know this gospel is true. It's got to be. And the Book of Mormon is the word of God. If I didn't know it, I wouldn't be out here for a year and a half trying to give all my heart
and soul to it every day. I wouldn't go through the heart-ache that comes with seeing consequences of other people's misuse of agency. It's hard. But I will do it because I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The lords love in infinite and powerful. There is ALWAYS hope in Him.
Have a miracle-filled week!

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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