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Monday, March 20, 2017


Sisters Conference
Man, how crazy is that? I'm still waiting for Thanksgiving over here..
haha crazy how time flies.

This week was a good one! Tuesday we stayed in all day as well so we
didn't get everyone and their dog sick, even though sister Allen was
feeling better. We Skyped into district meeting, though, and that was
funny! Yay technology! But it totally worked and it was sweet!
Wednesday we had our all-sisters conference! That was a blast :) they
had it all cute and Easter-y with pretty flowers and yummy desserts
and all kinds of stuff. It was very sister-y. Haha. But we had some
great trainings about confidence and team work, and then all the STL
companionships did a training on something-- a couple approaches,
teaching repentance, and the baptismal invite. It was fun! And we did
a TON of role-plays, so that was good too. I don't hate role-plays
quite as much as I used to. Not quite ;) that night we got home pretty
late, so we just went to see Patricia and Michael and teach them more
about temples. They're excited to go!
Thursday we did a TON of weekly planning. Yay planning! We also tried
to go find a couple people, but a referral we went to go see had just
had an eye operation so she couldn't really sit and talk with us haha
ah well. But we got a return appointment! Woo!
Friday we had Mission Leadership Council up in Morristown and that
went well! We learned good things. It's funny to see Elder Follett, my
MTC district leader, as an AP up there. He's a funny kid. Then we went
to dinner with the cute Woodlands to this sweet buffet place with
shrimp and crab and sushi and steak and chocolate mousse and all that
good stuff. It was amazing, actually! Then we had a lesson with Brenda
and Jorge that was super crazy. Long story short, it hurt my heart a lot. It hurts how hard
and real the world is. Their problems are so giant and there's nothing
little Sister Millington and Allen can really do for them. But there's
everything the Lord can do for them! So there is hope :) but it's just
Saturday was a crazy day! We saw a bunch of awesome people, including
Brenda and Jorge again. It went better this time! But when we left all
3 of the kids were crying because we wouldn't let them have our name
tags and sister allen's iPad :( we also met this little family,
Bolivar and his sons, Matthew and Joshua. They're really Catholic, but
cool! But unfortunately we can only see them Saturday's when his wife
is home. But we're hopeful!
Yesterday was a lovely Sabbath!  After church we had a few lessons that
all went well, except that we got fed pizza unexpectedly twice, and
then some good Dominican chicken and shrimp. So much food. I hadn't
had so many dinner appointments in a row like that in a long time. So
I just came home at 9:30 and laid on the ground and wanted to die for
a few minutes. But that's okay!! Life is good :)

Anyways that was my week in short! I'm learning a lot that missionary work is pretty simple, but
it all has to do with our personal conversion and how hard we're
really willing to work. Our trust and faith and motivation comes from
our understanding of the Atonement and the changes we've seen in our
own life that make us want to help and serve those around us :)

I love you chickens! Have a great week, find joy in living ❤

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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