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Friday, June 30, 2017

"For unto us a Sister Hopson is born..." - June 26, 2017


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bed Bugs..??!! - June 12, 2017

Cool blue wall :)
This week was super good :) nice and busy!! One thing
cramped our style-- we may or may not have some kind of bug eating us.
This week I got a total of about 22 bites, mostly on the back of my
calves. So weird! But we checked the mattresses and washed the sheets
and everything and haven't really found anything.. but we got some
strong bug spray stuff and are in the process of spraying down the
whole apartment, so that'll be good. But all good in the hood anyway :)


Last Monday we had our all-mission conference, that's why I didn't
really write anyone. It was so fun!! So fun to see all my friends :)
all the zones were assigned different parts of the Book of Mormon and
we did funny skits of the whole book. It was awesome fun! Then
President and sister Taggart gave some little trainings. This is their
last month on the mission, so they talked about what they've learned
and gave us some last advice. We all sang "God Be With You Till We
Meet Again" at the end and everyone was crying. Really tender. I love
the Taggarts so much. It'll be a weird month & 1/2 without them!
That night we saw Lina, she's doing okay. She was actually kind of
sick so she wasn't feeling too hot. But she's awesome, she'll be okay
The Taggarts

Tuesday I gave a little training in district Meeting, that was fun.
Our role plays went really well, I actually enjoyed them. It's funny-
a year ago I HATED role plays. I hated them more than anything ever.
But now I understand how awesome they are and I feel like I can
actually teach a little bit so it's not as uncomfortable. Haha
missions change you.     Oh! And before district meeting we had interviews
with President and Sister Taggart. It was so awesome. Wow. When I met
with sister Taggart first we talked a lot about how I've changed on my
mission. And it didn't really click until I was talking with both of
them, but I've really learned on my mission to take a chill pill, love
myself, and trust the Lord. I knowit'll be different when I come home and it'll still be a challenge to
feel like I'm doing enough, but I've built a foundation of
self-acceptance and trust in the grace of the Savior that'll carry me
a long way. When I asked President for his final advice for me, he
said "keep your celestial shades on. Keep the big perspective.
Remember who you are and what you're really doing here, and don't let
little things bring you down. Trust in the Lord, really trust him.
When you get all stressed and tense like you do, walk outside, look at
the clouds, take a deep breath and say 'I know it'll be okay. You've
got my back.' Because He does and He always will."
Anywaysss it was an awesome interview. I really love President Taggart.

Sis. Gaytan
Wednesday was awesome!! Sister Gaytan came to union City with me on
exchange! Man, it was so fun to be with her again! I love her so much
:) we had appointments all night, we stayed nice and busy! We had an
awesome lesson with s new investigator and her husband. They'd been
visited by the missionaries like three years ago, but the husband was
telling us that he'd had a lot of questions but the poor elders didn't
understand a lot of Spanish so they couldn't really help him. But he
loved that we could communicate with him and he really began to trust
us! It was cool. We have another appointment with them tomorrow. I'm
excited :) plus they have two kids! Woo! Families!
We also saw Lina and a couple brothers from the ward came and gave her
a priesthood blessing. She's felt a ton better since! It was cool,
they really connected to Indira, actually. It was really good for both
of them. And we read 2 Nephi 31 together and they really liked it.

Thursday morning a Venezuelan member made us arepas for breakfast-
they were SO GOOD! It made me miss Sister Troconis :) she's married
now! Crazy, right?? To an elder from here! Haha so funny. We also did
service at Salvation Army, planned, and had dinner with a sweet
member. English Class was fun that night, we had a few new people! I
love teaching English :)

Friday we finished planning, saw a few people, including Lina! Oh and
when we were walking around on the street we had a weird experience
with this guy that jumped in the middle of the sidewalk and said
they're looking for people who like Joseph smith.. then he asked us if
we had to be virgins to serve missions. It was very bizarre. There
were some other creepy guys on Bergenline later, but we had a brother
from the ward walking with us, so all was well :) thank heavens for
the angels we have around us. We had a good lesson that night with
Lina and our member, Libardo. He was baptized about three months ago
and is just amazing. We talked about the word of wisdom and Lina had
some doubts about coffee.. pray for her. She'll make it, we have
faith. It just takes work, ya know?

Saturday we got in trouble for chalking on the sidewalk.. haha this
man was so angry at us. It was pretty funny, actually. Hahaha but it's
okay, we talked to a lot of people while it was there and I think
that's a success! The cutlers bought us burritos for dinner and we
found some sweet new people while talking to everyone. Union City is
the bomb.

Yesterday was a good day! Unfortunately none of our investigators
could come to church, but we had some good meetings anyway. After some
studies at home, we went out and found some more new investigators!
Woo! And we just happened to run into Amber and her mom, some
investigators we've been working with. We walked to the laundromat
with them and then had a little lesson there. Amber said she's been
reading and praying! Woo! She's fourteen, but she has a mature soul.
She's a really sweet girl.

A way rad sunset. The city can be beautiful too,
 just in its own way.   6-8-17
Anyways this week was great! I wasn't sick anymore, but do have some
gnarly bites on my legs. But I'm happy and healthy and life is good :)
sister McCoy is the bomb and we're hopeful they leave us another
transfer together here in union! We'll find out next week...
I love you guys! Can't wait to see you all again :) I'm praying for
you! Keep up the good work, keep pounding though the Book of Mormon!
That book is  true. I love that book. It's probably my

Have a great week, sillies !

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Busiest week EVER - May 29, 2017

Zone trip to the NYC temple
This week was seriously awesome. I think I had the most lessons I've
ever had. On Tuesday we literally taught all day. There was one hour we
did service and taught math and English and then an hour of
correlation, but from 11-9 we were working hard and teaching all over
the place! It was awesome. We came home super super tired every night
this week.

My cute comp and I going through the
  Lincoln Tunnel on our way to the Temple
Some of my most favorite sisters
in the world at the NYC temple

We also went to the temple as a zone this week! It was really
beautiful. Every time I go I learn more and I love it more. When I was
sitting in the Celestial room I was pondering and praying a lot. I
asked Heavenly Father what He wanted me to know. I opened the
scriptures to Isaiah 63:16 which says "16 Doubtless thou art our
father, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledge us
not: thou, O Lord, art our father, our redeemer; thy name is from
everlasting." From that I learned that sometimes I just need to
remember he's our Father :) He loves us, no matter who we are or what
we do. Our worth is infinite in His eyes. But that also means that
those around us are His sons and daughters too, with an incredible
eternal potential. So we ought to treat them that way! There's so much
darkness and dumbness in the world (I was exposed to some of today's
pop music at a Dominican barbecue yesterday-- wow. So dumb.), but we
don't have to live like that forever! In Alma it talks about how the
way to find hope Christ offers us is through repentance.

Anyway, Lina and Indira are doing super well! They came to church on
Sunday and both loved it! Except Lina thinks our songs are too slow
and boring.. haha! She said she was falling asleep in the first hour!
But she got into it in relief society and it was good. The sisters
were good to her and Indira. Indira even shared her story with the
sisters-- why she went inactive 30 years ago but how because Sister
McCoy and Millington are visiting her she's finally coming back. Wow.
It's amazing the love I have for them and the love they have for us.
When we teach them the spirit is so powerful. I know they were people
I was sent here to find because I need them. I seriously adore them as
my sisters. I didn't understand before my mission how big love can be.
I can't believe there's still room in me to love these cute Hispanic
people I hardly know, but it LOVE them! It's going to feel weird to be
in a white people ward. Way too white and organized and quiet. Hahaha!
Oh man.

We had a cool experience last night. The Cutlers are awesome. They're
the senior couple for our zone and they work in the ward here. Sister
Cutler is the primary chorister and the pianist and pretty much
oversees everything. Haha and Elder Cutler is the second counselor in
the bishopric. This is their 2nd mission together (the first was in
Nauvoo!) And they've got their act together. They're so awesome. They
actually took us to Walmart, lunch, and froyo just now. Wow. I love
them so much, they're so loving and giving. But Sister Cutler doesn't
take any crap. Haha she's so awesome. Anyway! She decided the YW need
help, because we have about 15 but only like 2 are active. So we
planned a cupcake wars activity with the YM and then last night Sister
Gaytan and Virgin (our STLs there in englehood) came down and we all
split up and visited all the YW and brought them invitations and
cupcakes :) it was cute! But we went and met his cute girl, Marilyn,
who asked us if her mom had sent us. I laughed and said I was new and
didn't really know anyone, I didn't know who her mom was.. she said
her mom is active, but her dad isn't a member. She said she'd been
thinking a lot lately and had felt like she'd been getting hints that
she needed to come back to church. She was really surprised that we
were there! It was just hard because her dad doesn't agree. But she
was super sweet and thankful we thought of her. It was really cool to
see that the Lords timing is perfect and He remembers us all
individually. And he'll inspire and send people to help us when we
need it :)

This gospel is the best, you guys. I love it more and more all the
time. I'm so blessed to be a missionary and to meet and love and serve
these people here.
"Alma 26:37 Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every
people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people,
and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy,
and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God
forever. Amen."

I love you and miss you all! :) have a great week and keep plowing
through the Book of Mormon! I don't know if I'm going to make it with
all y'all there next week.. im in Alma 26.. ouch. Haha! But I'll try!!

Love of the loves.

The Promised Land - UNION CITY - May 22, 2017

Me and Sis. McCoy
Union City

Wow. This week was SO GOOD. Honestly. Holy cow. Santa vaca. My feet have never hurt so bad and I've never been so tired. But I've never been so HAPPY!! Being a missionary is the BEST. We saw so many miracles this week.

Here's one that was especially awesome: Friday evening we were doing finding and walked past a building. Hermana McCoy recognized it and said we should try a former that lived there. As we went up and knocked the door, a man walked up behind us and recognized Sister McCoy! We stood and talked to him (Julio) for a minute and then another woman came home to the door across the hall. We said hi to her and she said she was baptized in our church! We set an appointment to come back the next day. When we went back, we found out Indira and Julio were members (they're friends; they were baptized in their country but have been inactive for a long long time), but their friend, Lina, wasn't. She got pretty emotional when she told us about a bad experience she had at another church recently. Julio and Indira were really excited to have us over and to come back to the church. And Lina said she knew the Mormons were good people and she wanted to learn more and come to church! And that she'd bring her 12 year old daughter! Her and Julio were having a side-conversation at one point that I overheard and were talking about how they feel our "vibe" and they love it. Lina said she feels super comfortable and super loved by us! That's the Spirit!! There were a couple moments during the lesson I honestly had difficulty speaking because my heart was so full and the spirit was so strong. I'm so excited to work with them. And before we left they had us sign their Book of Mormons! Haha! They are super sweet. I know the Lord put us in their path at this time 100% on purpose. 
That night we got home and we're flipping out we were so happy. We went out on the roof outside our study room and Sister McCoy did some parkour (sp??). Hahaha we just laid on the roof at look at the stars (there were like 5 we could see) and smiled. It was the happiest ever :) 

This was us on the roof later that night :)   (If you look closely you'll see it has an avocado with a cape on it)
This week we literally found FOUR people (including Julio and Indira) who were baptized and we don't have them in our records! Crazy town! So it makes me wonder how many people of all the thousands in Union City are actually members.. haha! Did I tell you guys this city is the most densely populated in the US? Yeah. It's because in one house there's like 4 families and in every apartment there's like 2. It's crazy. There are always people out on the street! Especially this one street, Bergenline. If you go google maps this place and go to the street view of Bergenline you'll see it's just lined with stores (mostly Hispanic stores-- the city is about 80% Hispanic) and there's always people there. Today we're going shopping there for a little bit. I had a really sad moment this week: remember that Ann Klein watch Matt and Seth bought me for Christmas last year? It was my only surviving watch, my others stopped working like a year ago. Well, this week it stopped working too :( so I could put a new battery in it, but at this point I've been wearing it a TON and the band is super ratchet and torn up. So I think I'll get a cheap watch today and then repair it when I get back. It was so sad, though, I've LOVED having that watch every day!!

Anyways, this area is the bomb. I'm literally living the dream. I feel like I've finally hit the point in my mission (after 15 months) where I know what I'm doing. I speak Spanish well, I know how to teach, and I'm not afraid to find. I'm working as hard as I can and giving 100% of myself every day. I know that's why we've seen so many miracles this week. We're being obedient, we're working hard, and the Lord recognizes that. 

The members have been good to me this week. It made one less-active really happy last night that I could speak and understand so well and that I love Valentina! We hit it off really well, which is really good because she needs a lot of help. It was cool :) 
The members are really willing to have us over and the ward is big and pretty organized! They have their weaknesses, but it's getting there. We have a senior missionary couple, the Cutlers, that do a LOT for the ward. They live right next to us and are super awesome! I got to play piano in the primary and for one song in sacrament meeting because Sister Cutler couldn't play. I love to be able to serve :) 

Sister McCoy is from Bicknell, UT, a really tiny town! She knew Seth in the MTC! How funny, right? So she's that old in the mission-- about 7 months. She has such a strong desire to work hard and improve. It's super great! We get along really well, she's so sweet and genuine. I love her a lot :) 

Have an awesome week!!

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