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Monday, February 20, 2017

Snow Day and Baptism Day - February 13, 2017

Sis. Holguin, Michael and Patricia

This was a stellar week :) from a snow day to a baptism, indeed it was crazy.

On Tuesday I went on exchange with Sister Hernandez, a new sister that has about 2 months in the mission. Her family is from Mexico and her companion (sister Fernandez) is also Mexican. I'm now an honorary member of the Mexican Hermana's club. There's a lot of them. Haha! We had fun though! We went to a member's house for dinner and ended up teaching her grandson who had a ton of questions for us! He left for Texas the next day but we've been in touch through Facebook a little. He's a cool cat. He's got some buddies that aren't super great but he really wants to change! So well keep working with him and see what we can do :) 

We saw Patricia and Michael almost every night this week and they had their baptismal interviews during the week!

Thursday morning we woke up to like 4 inches of snow on the ground and a terrible blizzard blowing outside. On our morning Book of Mormon reading call as a mission with President he told us we shouldn't drive that day at all if we could avoid it! So SNOW DAY WOOO!!
casually thanking the angels around us
🎉 we went out and played in the snow for a few minutes between studies and weekly planning and that was so fun!! I made a beautiful snow angel and sister Holguin had a good time jumping in the snow! It was the first time she's seen that much snow and it might be the last time unless she comes to live with me in Utah someday! (Fingers crossed) it was super fun. And we ended up planning for most of the day so it was good. We visited a couple members that night before we went to Patricia's for her interview. Good news: we didn't die on the way there!! She is so darn cute, she brought us out juice and crackers and cheese and everything while we waited. Man I love her :) 

Sunday we had the baptism! Woo!!! It was so funny. We had asked Michael if he had a white button-up shirt and he said he did, so Sunday morning we reminded him not to forget his towel, undies, and white shirt. Patricia called us when we walked out of branch council and told us he had left the house to go buy a white shirt and she wasn't going to come to church without him!! Haha Michael!! And it was hailing outside, it was so ugly!! So we got through the sacrament and then she texted us and told us he'd made it home. Some members went to get them and he ended up forgetting undies and a towel anyway! So during the second hour we went home to get a towel and some treats from a member who couldn't make it to church. The Zone Leaders, Elders Peterson and Hicks, totally saved our lives helping us fill the font and get the TV for videos. Sister Holguin and I sang "Cuando Me Bautice" (I know when I am baptized) and it went well! The baptism was beautiful. Good stuff all around. And almost the whole branch stayed for the baptism, it was great! We had a good crowd :) 
Anyways, I just love Michael and Patricia. My heart is just overflowing with love for them all the time. 
In other news, this week I hit a year on the mission. I had a mini-mental breakdown that day because I love this place and these people and this name tag and it hurts me a lot to think about the day it'll end.

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