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Monday, March 20, 2017

TRANSFERS - February 20, 2017

Hey family!! This week was a good one! Definitely had its highs and
lows, but all around really good :) happy late valentine's day! I was
remembering the little package Chloe sent me to the MTC with that had
notes from all of you. I remember Seth sent one that talked about how
now I didn't have a Valentine because I was giving my heart to God, so
it was just a normal day. This year was similar. Haha! But it was
great :)

So the saddest news on the planet: Sister Holguin is leaving Englewood
:( she's headed to Morristown as an STL to be with Sister Smith. I'm
excited for them, it'll be great! And my new companion is Sister
Allen, who I already love a ton! She's a good one. We were asked to be
STLs at the same time. She's super tall and sings really well and
she's an awesome missionary. It's going to rock :) it'll be good to
have a little change here in the area, I was getting a little
comfortable. And good news: our car coordinator texted us today and
said we'll be getting a RAV4 at our leadership conference this
weekend! Woo!!! A brand new car! So that's going to rock too :)
blessings!! But I really am super super sad sister Holguin is going.
We found out on Thursday because sister smith saw the transfer board
in presidents office and told us. So we've had time to mentally
prepare ourselves and to say goodbye to the members. She'll definitely
be missed here, the branch LOVES her. We have big shoes to fill for
sure. And I'll miss her a lot. We've become so so close through the
last three months. She's taught me so much about missionary work and
Mexico and love and patience and everything!! She's an amazing person.
I'll miss her.

Man, I'm trying to think about prioritizing what happened this week.
It was a good one. There were a couple moments when I pulled myself
together and began to think about what our purpose out here really is.
I got a little frustrated this week reading the Book of Mormon because
the people are SO DUMB. Again and again they are blessed, they get
proud, and they fall. Then they get all humble and the get blessed
again, then they get proud and fall. AGAIN. I actually got really
frustrated! But then i realized that I bet our Heavenly Father gets a
little frustrated with us sometimes too. Maybe not frustrated, but
kind of sad. We're really forgetful. We forget who we are, why we're
here, what we're doing, etc. all the time. And when we forget, we
fall! And then we get humble again, and we're blessed. And then we get
all proud and we forget. We're SO DUMB. Haha :) anyways, the Book of
Mormon is true, folks.

I'm excited for this week and all the adventures ahead of us here in
Englewood. Patricia and Michael are rock stars, were hopeful we'll go
to the temple with them soon :)

Love you guys!!

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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