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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The most stressful sacrament meeting EVER - September 19, 2016

Zone Conference
This week was great! It was busy and stressful and awesome :) here are some highlights: One of the nights we went with the elders to their recent convert's house to work on her family history (Sister Gibson is an expert). Her name is Angela and she's from the Dominican Republic and she's awesome!! After we met and helped her fill out some of her family information, we helped her make some yummy lime oatmeal juice (sounds weird, tastes delicioso!!) and some crackers with mayonnaise and cheese. Haha quite Dominican! But she was so sweet and it was so yummy! And now we're super tight and she said she's going to teach us how to make tostones, a classic Dominican food made from plantains. Yum!
On Thursday morning we went and served at Habitat for Humanity and then went to lunch at Pollo Pucalor and had some awesome Colombian chicken and delicious potatoes. My beloved companion and our dear elders have decided to call me Potato Girl. Hahahaha. Then a whole bunch of weekly planning, and later a lesson with Silverio, which included a nice walk to the church. But when we were walking back, it was like 8:45 pm and getting pretty dark.. this truck drove past us and honked, and then pulled over a little ahead of us on the street. So we walked up and we're like "hi! How can we help you?" And this middle-aged guy was like "yeah uh, I just saw two pretty girls walking on the side of the road and it's pretty late and I'm drunk and I was just wondering if you could help me. Are you sisters? Friends?" And we were like "no, were missionaries!" And we just smiled and were all chipper and cute hahaha. And he was like "oh, I just wanted to know if maybe one of you would be interested, but I guess since you're missionaries..." and we were like "nope! But we have a message about Jesus Christ, would you like to hear it?" And he was like "uhhh no. I'm good." And drove away. Oh, my, it was so funny.
On Friday morning we went to a special training meeting for new missionaries and their trainers! We aren't really sure why we went, but the APs told us to ...but I guess because Sister Gibson is new back in the mission? Either way, it was great! I love going to meetings and seeing other missionaries and learning how we can improve back on our area. Then we were full of appointments that night and everything went well!
Saturday we had the baptism for Stephanie Meirelles, a cute little girl of a member family in the ward. It was really precious! A ton of friends and family came that aren't members, so us and the elders had a good time getting to know them! We're hoping to start teaching Stephanie's uncle really soon :) and his kids came to church Sunday, so yay! There were a couple kids that bore their testimonies after and it was so cute. One of them said "Stephanie, I know you're going to grow up and be an awesome... kid" it was so cute :)
Sunday was CRAZY. We had SIX INVESTIGATORS at church. Isn't that CRAZY?! It was the most stressful thing ever. But it's a good problem to have: having too many investigators and less-active members at church :) haha but it was great! The Hernandez family got fellow-shipped amazingly, and I think they'll really take off from here. We hope so! We'll see them Wednesday night and that's always fun :) I also played piano in the primary, which is always a good time. we also had dinner with the Bishop and his family and that was nice. We did some people-hunting later that night and found some people we'd been meaning to see and that was good!
And today is Monday, the blessed P-Day :) I'm at a zone activity right now, playing Slap Disk. This email has taken hours to write because our team keep switching in and playing! We're totally owning, BTW. It's way fun! But now Im all sweaty and gross.. ew! But it's so fun!! Anyway, I love you guys! I think about you and pray for you all the time :)
Have an awesome week!
Hermana Milberton

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sister Gibson Takes Dover - September 12, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Transfers - September 5, 2016

August 22, 2016
Zone Fun
Hey family! Holy cow, I can't believe this transfer is already over!!
So here's the news: Sister Troconis is being transferred to Morristown
English, and she's being doubled-in! This is the THIRD time she's
being doubled-in to an area! Crazy. And I'll be getting a new
companion, Sister Gibson! It'll be really fun to get to know her and introduce her to the
area and everything :) yay! But that means today is pretty crazy for
sister Troconis, trying to get everything done and packed and go see
some people.

So this week! It was a pretty good one :) on Tuesday I ate Doritos and
Nutella, which was kind of weird, but not too bad.. Haha that was
exciting. I also went to Walmart and got my eyes checked! Woo! So now
I have my glasses and I can see when I'm driving :) it's a whole new
world out here! And the leaves on the trees! So pretty(: haha we did a
little contacting and met some people, but nothing too exciting there.
We had a couple Facebook lessons that were pretty funny too,
technology is the bomb!

On Wednesday we went to serve at Bristol Glen again, and we did
trivia this time. The other missionaries made me read the questions
because my English is the clearest, but this one old guy Roy, who
asked us where we were from about 6 times, couldn't hear very well. He
kept saying "if I could just hear the question, I would know it. It's
not that I don't know the answer, I just can't understand what you're
saying." But he was SO GRUMPY. Anyway, I was literally yelling every
word, I probably woke up all of Bristol Glen from their afternoon
naps. Hahaha and all the other missionaries were like "yeah, Sister
Millington! Speak up! We can't understand you!" Oh man. So rough. We
had some good lessons though, and we ran into some members too! Good
stuff all around.

Thursday we did a ton of weekly planning, plus a spontaneous lesson
with Juan Manuel. He's so awesome. But if he doesn't find a job soon,
he has to go back to Colombia:( aah! But then we did TAC (transfer
something cleaning..?), and cleaned our whole house! We spoke Spanish
the whole time and ordered pizza and that was pretty good (: but it
took up our whole day! Ugh! Good thing we only do it once a transfer!

Friday was a pretty crazy day, but it was so awesome. We went out to
Ellis Island in the morning, and it was great! I met this lady, Helga,
who found the ship she came over on when she was 1 year old. So cool,
right? And the ship manifest with her name and everything! I also
helped this cute couple from Ireland find some of their family. I sat
with them for the whole half hour session and they just talked and
talked about all their relatives in New York. When they left, they
tried to tip me! Haha it was so cute. But of course, I said I couldn't
accept anything (: so darling though! After Ellis, we went to an
appointment with the Hernandez family. It was good, but they just
REALLY love to talk. Haha! And on our way to the chapel after that, we
saw a BEAR!! It was SO CUTE. I just wanted to jump out of he car and
cuddle with him. So cute. But I don't think that would have been a
good idea.. Hehe.

Saturday was good as well, we did some service in the morning and some
contacting that afternoon! We had a couple good lessons and ran into a
member family accidentally that we've been trying to see for like five
weeks! But they have an uncle that just moved in that's not a member,
and they put themselves on our meal calendar a TON for this month!
Woo! The members are way too good to us, our calendar is so full!

On Sunday we had a ton of people at church! A whole less-active family
came, and that was sweet. We also had five people who weren't members
(including some of our investigators and some brand new people that
came with friends), so that was crazy. But we left early and went to
Elizabeth--one of Sister Troconis old investigators got baptized! Woo!
And guess what I did? I sat at the piano. Boom. Slayin. But it was a
lovely little service and he people were all way nice :) then we went
to Bishop Haro's house for lunch, and that was great as always! We got
on their Facebooks with them and they all found friends to share the
gospel with in little ways--articles, scriptures, videos, etc..
President Taggart is really pushing us to use technology with the
members! And they got so excited about it, it was sweet! We then went
to the Sanchez home and had an FHE with the Hernandez family, and that
was cool. It was really awesome to watch them connect and see their
kids playing together and everything. The Sanchez family is killer.

But anywayzzzz, life is good out here! I got a little bummed out when
we were talking a lot about going to the baptism on Saturday because I
still have yet to get anyone in the water. But cool news: this guy
Sister Smith and I found back in Lakewood (Gabriel) got baptized
yesterday! Isn't that so awesome? I'm so happy for my little Smithy.
And we knocked on his door, so it counts as like half a baptism for
me, right..? Haha jk :) but yeah, I was just getting a little down
about that. But I know that whatever happens is what needs to happen
here for me. I might not be baptizing like crazy, but I'm growing and
changing in a lot of ways. I'm coming closer to my Savior every day,
and I'm learning more how to rely on Him and His grace.

I love you chickens!
Hermana Millington

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Temple, Elder Dube, and Arepas! - August 29, 2016

Edwin, Jaun and Noe
Philadelphia Temple open house

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