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Friday, April 28, 2017

Free Sushi and Surprise Weddings - April 24, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Birthdays and Ellis Island - April 17, 2017

Ellis Island


This week was awesome :) it went super fast, actually! You know how time flies. And I also got the dreaded 4-month email about flights home and my release date and everything. Man, that was weird. Good thing I still have a lot of time, though :)

Here's some awesome things that happened this week:
We had an Ellis Island training with almost all the sisters in the mission and that was way fun! I  mostly hung out with Sister Davis and Sister Hettinger, my MTC homies. I love them a lot :) it's crazy to see how much we've grown and changed through these months.
Then a couple days later we had our shift at Ellis! It was really fun, it was nice and busy. I met some people from France, Germany, and Finland! So I added those to my list. I'm up to 43 countries now!

Sis Gaytan  & Lady Liberty

We had some good times contacting on the street this week, including finding some guy that had to have been a preacher. He kept quoting scriptures and telling us to be brave and prepare ourselves for when Jesus comes again. We also went contacting in ShopRite, this grocery store, because there was no one on the streets. We invited some people to English class and I was blessed with the opportunity to give some lady a quarter to be able to pay for her groceries :) she'd better be at class! Haha. We also got called "mi amor" a lot of times. That's good too.

Also this week was Sister Gaytan's birthday!! Wednesday! She's 20! Woo!! It was fun. That was the first time we went to Ellis so she got to see all her old comps and buddies. Then we accidentally left our phone in another sisters van so we had to drive to Passaic to go get it (about 45 minutes away) After that, we went to a froyo place to find ourless-active that works there. We got an appointment with her! And we contacted in the street and met a lady from Mali and a Dominican guy named Julio that we're going to see this week. Then we had dinner with the Guevara's and Sister Gaytan ate so much she had to unzip her skirt to be able to survive he car-ride home. Haha! She's such an angel. Seriously I love her a lot. She's so quick to just laugh and loves to have a good time :) but she's so good with people, her love is so apparent in the way she talks to them. And she works so hard! Such a good contacter. She's awesome.

We had a cute branch Easter activity that night and that was fun :) the kids in our branch are literally my favorites ever. The people here are just amazing.

Me & Sis. Smith
We had our first exchange this week-- and Sis Gaytan's first exchangeas STL! It was with Sister Flinders and her brand-new companion Sister Court. Poor thing literally has like 2 weeks in the mission. I asked her if she had any questions at one point and she was like "yeah, um..I just feel like there's a ton to do and I'm so afraid of forgetting things.. will it get better?" Haha YES! IT DOES GET BETTER!! And we found out they'd been waking up at 5 to get all caught up with the Facebook training videos and everything and poor little Sister Court had no idea that that's not normal! But Sister Flinders is a great trainer, she's helping her a lot. Sister Court grew up in the Marshall Islands and was adopted when she was 6. She remembers a lot about it, though. She told me about her childhood a little bit: she literally had nothing and her parents were good to her. Everyone on those islands is super poor, but her family was even worse off. She has a cousin serving there and she read me some of his email- they shower with buckets, the ocean is the bathroom, and all they eat is rice with fish they've caught or birds they've killed with sling-shots. Crazy!! Anyway, she was adopted by a sweet LDS family in Utah. She was baptized when she was 8 but definitely knows the other side. Her testimony is so sweet and pure. I really came to love her a lot on our exchange. She's still new and pretty timid about things, but she's going to be great. And we taught this lesson and she couldn't understand a word of it, but she walked out and couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was!! Haha greenie fire. It's the best!! And it was an awesome lesson, totally a miracle that the whole family was there and involved with the lesson. It was with some less-actives we have a super hard time meeting with. Also she told us that Sister Flinders' birthday was the next day! So that night we had mug cakes and ice cream. Then when they went to bed Sister Gaytan and I decorated the kitchen a little for her. We had a good little lunch together and enjoyed the rest of the exchange. I love exchanges. I love my assignment as an STL :)
Easter Sunday was fantastic! We had a lovely program with the English ward and Korean branch and it went well. I got to conduct the congregation songs! That was fun :) there were some beautiful musical numbers and I felt the spirit really strong testifying of the truth of it all. It really is all true. I don't know any clearer or simpler way to say it. But Jesus Christ, our older brother and best friend, died for us and overcame death for us. It's truly the biggest miracle and most important thing that has ever happened in the world ever. I felt His love and the power of His grace many times throughout the day.
We had a couple lunches with the Rondoy's and the Mendoza's. The Mendoza family is one of my all-time favorites ever. Their dad served a mission in Mexico and the mom is from Switzerland, but she speaks Spanish and English as well as French. They have three adorable kids. They're super willing to have us over and help us out with our missionary work.   We had a sweet lesson with them about the atonement.
Also I'm working on memorizing the Living Christ again! It's going well so far :) I love that document a lot. It's been cool to study it a lot again.
Anyways. Life is good here :) we have a couple exchanges coming up this week, and interviews with President, and zone conference! Nonstop party cause the party don't stop.
I'm praying for you all the time! I love you :)
happy easters (RIP Bunny ❤️ ps I tell all my comps about Bunny-- his legacy lives on)

Hermana Millington

Welcome to Englewood, Sister Gaytan! -- April 10, 2017


Some of my favorite people EVER. Sister Smith and Hettinger are companions in
Morristown, and Sister Hettinger was Sister Gaytan's trainer! So cute.
This week has been a really good one :) but oh man. So
tiring. Those are the best kinds of weeks :) here's some good

Tuesday I picked up sister Gaytan and dropped off Sister Allen.
Transfers are the BEST. I love seeing all my buddies and singing our
mission song :) so fun! And sister Gaytan is awesome! She's from
Mexicali, the border with California. But her family has lived in Cali
for the last 4 years. Also her birthday is on Wednesday :) she got
baptized 3 years ago with her mom and older brother, and is just
waiting on her dad and younger brother. She's been in the mission 11
months. And she thinks I'm funny. Haha!! Score!! Finally! She
seriously never stops laughing! We had a super great week together and
I know it's going to be an awesome transfer :)

Thursday she had the new leader's meeting in Morristown, so I went
over to S Smith's apartment with Sister Moss (who's companion is a
newly-called STL down in Tom's River-- I ❤️ that place). We made some
pancakes and I tried to make one in a NJ shaped cookie cutter and it
failed. Haha!  Then we saw the twins, Victor and Daniela.
 They're awesome! They want to get baptized but they have
sports on Sundays :( so we aren't sure what to do.. Then we saw some
members that night that gave us a couple referrals and said they'd
invite some other friends to church for Easter! Woo!

Friday we had some weekly planning because we didn't get it done
Thursday, but we didn't finish Friday either. Haha you know how it
goes. But we were out on the street that evening and we were talking
to this guy and when we finished S Gaytan was like "don't walk that
way. Come this way." And so I followed her, and she was like "there's
some guy who was staring at us over there and then when we started
walking he started walking.." so we casually walked into the Arabic
meat store across the street. Crisis averted :) also delicious cookies
bought. Yum. Then on our way home we met some funny Jamaican guy that
didn't stop talking! Hahaha Good times in the street. That's where all
the good stories come from.

Saturday we had Mission Leader Council (MLC). And it went really well!
Really tranquilo! I got to sing the post-lunch musical number, I'll
send the video to mom :) then this Elder that was giving a training
right after got up and said "thank you Sister Millington, your voice
is like a blanket..." haha it was pretty awkward and funny. Good guy,
though. Ha! We then got some bailadas with Jared and talked about Alma
5. We preached repentance hard core. Good stuff. Then we talked to
Jorge over FB video call and he's doing well :) he said when he knows
it's true he'll be baptized and he wants to come to church, he just
has to figure out how to get a Sunday off.

Sunday we went to our ward council and that went well, and then we
drove to Elizabeth for a baptism of a Sister Gaytan's investigator!
They found him through FB. Sweet, right? And sister Pace was there
too, because she taught him, so that was fun to see her. I was able to
help and play piano and that was cool. I love to serve :) we ate some
tamales on the way back and I decided I don't like driving in New
Jersey. I'd already decided that, but I decided again. This place is
loco. But we actually saw some really stellar people that afternoon-
we took Jared cookies for his birthday, we saw Hermana Estevez (who
gave us saltines with butter. So Dominican.), then the Mendoza family
that is crazy and super Mexican and I love, and then Patricia and
Michael! Patricia's phone has been super dumb lately and she's been
working a lot because she's going to be DR for spring break at the end
of the week, so we hadn't been able to see her for a long time. It was
really rough, actually. But I'm so happy they were home and we got to
talk to them :)

So listen. I started this Book of Mormon challenge, but I had a lot of
meetings this week and didn't have a lot of personal study..  but I'm
trying! It's also Spanish so it has 100 more pages! But I'm determined
to do it:) the Book of Mormon is the BEST.

Anywayzzzz life is good out here :) we made yummy cookies this week,
but we didn't eat dinner a lot because we were so busy. So I ended up
having 9:30 cereal a couple times. Haha mission life. But I really am
super happy and everything is good :) I know I'm doing the best i can
and the Lord is making up for the rest. I'm getting a lot better at
talking to everyone and Sister Gaytan is helping me a lot! She's a
great contacter. I have a lot of faith we'll see miracles this week :)

Transfers! Dun dun duuuun...April 3, 2017

glamour shots by the fire escape
Hopefully you had an awesome week and an even awesomer
weekend watching General Conference! I LOVED it. I had so many
questions answered. It was super great as well to hear from President
Monson about the Book of Mormon! (Ps I'm going to finish it tomorrow
in Spanish woot woot) I watched the two morning sessions in Spanish
but the afternoons in English. It was a little rough Saturday
afternoon, we watched at a member's home and their internet was bad.
But we absorbed most of what they were saying!

So like my email title says, tomorrow is transfers!! Man. Wanna know a
crazy thing? I only have three left. So that hurts. But it's okay :)
I've decided that it stinks to go home because I love this place and
these people, but that there are a lot of ways I need to progress back
there, too. But for now I'm here and happy and learning and growing
and having the best time :) so this is all the transfer doctrine: IM
STAYING!! Yay :) and Sister Allen is going to Jersey City! And I'll be
her STL :) and Sister Holguin is going to Paterson and I'll be her
STL, too! Fun, right? And I'm getting a new companion, Sister Gaytán!
She's from Mexico, but lived a while in California. Remember Sister
Hettinger from the MTC? She's her trainer! So Sister Gaytan is just a
couple transfers younger than me. But she's an awesome missionary! And
Mexican, and I'm pretty much Mexican, so ya know. It'll be awesome,
though, I'm excited :) sad to lose sister Allen, she's super awesome.
She's helped me and these people a lot this transfer. I'll definitely
miss her. But I'll still get to see her around, it'll be good!

Here's some highlights from the week:

We had two exchanges! Monday night I went out with Sister
Higginbotham, that was cool! We met some interesting people on the
streets of Englewood while advertising our English Class. This one
guy, Jorge, kept asking us questions about when the Bible was edited
and if God and the Devil are two separate things or the same person..
anyway, come to find out he'd taken some seminary in his country for
nine years and just wanted to see if we had our facts straight. Haha.
Punk. But it was good anyway, we met some other nice people and got
some numbers!
Tuesday night I was with Sister Murphy. She's super cute! She's a
great conversationalist. It was a really nice and easy exchange- we
were full of appointments and she teaches well and was easy to talk to
as we drove around. We came home and the other sisters had gone to see
someone that gave them chicken feet and hearts for dinner.. luckily
they had to leave for an appointment and they took them to-go, but
they're still in the fridge. Ew. But sweet of her to give us food!
She's a nice little lady :)

Thursday we had TAC- transfer apartment cleaning. It was great! We
scrubbed everything. For hours. It was insane. But the apartment feels
better now :) then we tried to get some planning done at the chapel,
but ended up going to see an investigator that the elders are teaching
that decided last-minute she didn't want to get baptized on Sunday :(
so we went over to see what was up and to meet her parents that are
Dominican and don't speak any English. We talked a lot with her about
the Holy Ghost and how bad she needs it, and hopefully it helped a
little. Her mom gave us some cake and orange juice so we're buddies
now too ❤️ we also got tacos for dinner and they were SO GOOD. Real
tacos guys? They're so good.

Friday we ended up going way North in our area to pick something up
from a member and may or may not have accidentally crossed the border
into New York. AGAIN. But it's okay, this time it was still in our
mission and our zone :) we just had to get back on the turnpike and
make it back into Jersey. Haha oops. I know how to drive. We also made
banana bread muffins that morning during planning to take to some
members when we took their dishes back and that was good :) we saw
cute little Hermano Pichardo and he gave us some yummy yogurt and we
got drenched in the rain. All good stuff. I learned what shoes NOT to
wear in the rain. Haha

Saturday was the bomb! Conference is the best. I seriously almost
cried like three times. I loved it a lot :) it's amazing how inspired
those people are to speak to our hearts through the spirit and tell us
exactly what we need to hear. And how we can find comfort and council
simply by the spirit that is there, not necessarily because of what
they say.
We also had a face-time lesson with this guy, Jorge Argudo from
Ecuador, that was awesome! He was the one we had the crazy hour-long
phone call lesson with the other week. He still has a ton of questions
and we ended up teaching about the Plan of Salvation and some of
repentance and some of the commandments. Man! But he told us he'd been
looking for the true church his whole life but didn't really know how
to find it and hadn't really taken the time to. But he said he would
pray and ask and we promised he'd find his answer :)
#moderndayecuadorianjosephsmith and then he said a beautiful closing
prayer, that was good too :) he's a funny man. We like him a lot.

Sunday was great! Conference. Between sessions we ran to see
Gloria Coba and her family and Brenda and Jorge to put conference on
their phones. But unfortunately they didn't have enough gigs to watch
it :( but we sent her a talk after and she loved it! After the second
session we went to see the Calderon's and have some dinner with them.
It was awesome, I love that family. Ana is such a sweet mother to her
kids and so kind to her husband :) and she wants to share the gospel!
Woo! They're sweet.
That night we had our call and found out what's going down! It's super
crazy.. I'll have spent a fourth of my mission here in the EngleHood!
But I know there's more the Lord needs me to do here :) I'm excited to
stay and help and serve and love these people!
 Hope you had a great week and a great
conference and a great week this next week too! :)
Les amoooo! :)
Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

March 27, 2017

This week was a good one, folks! On Tuesday night we had a branch FHE
and we watched meet the Mormons. Unfortunately our investigators
couldn't be there, but we had a good time watching it with the little
branch. It's funny when they show the part about the guy that went on
a mission and I get all excited and I want to go on a mission too! And
then I realize that I am on a mission. Haha silly me.

Wednesday was a super interesting day. We had a lesson with this
inactive lady and when we got there she was feeling pretty
sick. But she'd made us food, so she dished it up and said she was
going to go to sleep. We asked if we could share a quick video with
her and she said no... what? That had never happened to me! People
always say yes! So that was kind of bizarre.. then she went into her
bedroom and talked on the phone with her daughter for like twenty
minutes. So I'm not sure what that's about, but ya know. We had a good
time sitting there eating chicken in awkward silence anyway.
Then we went to a member's house for an FHE and she had a
little panic attack while we were there. But it was amazing to see how
the spirit was brought back to their house from simply listening and
testifying and trying to love her the way the Savior does. She's so

Thursday we actually finished weekly planning!! That was a miracle!!
And our heads hurt so bad by the end.. but we did it! Woo! Then we got
juked a couple times, but it was all good! That night we also saw Olga who lives
close to us and we made an appointment to go back and teach her
friend, Ester, tomorrow! Then she fed us some yummy Guatemalan
tortillas and cheese. Love her so much!

Friday we saw some twin kids of an inactive member what were being taught by the sisters a long
time ago. We taught the Restoration, but they asked a TON of random
questions about the fall and the second coming and why Satan is in
outer darkness and all this stuff. Haha it was crazy! I don't know
what those sisters were teaching them before, but they remember a ton
and had a ton of questions! They're super cute kids, it'll just be
hard to get them to church because of their sports on Sundays. But we
love them! Then we went and saw Nora and Johnny who brought us Chinese
food! Johnny is the bomb. He said he wouldn't be able to come to
church, but we had a good lesson and he's good. Then we saw Brenda and
Jorge with Hermana Torres. It went well, Hermana Torres helped them a lot and
we made some solid plans for them to get to church Sunday.

Saturday was a special day, the day we got ready for Sunday. Hehe it
was so crazy busy, totally non-stop! I was really tired and my back
hurt pretty bad by the end of the day. It was a good one for sure! We
did service in the morning at some church that does a food pantry and
we got a TON of bananas. We'll be making some banana muffins here soon
:) then we went to this Salvadoran restaurant with Jared and I got a
GIANT pupusa. It was so funny. I'll send pictures :) but it was really
good. We got down to his core needs and wants in life. And we're gonna
help him get them and have the spirit with him! He's super great. Then
we saw Hermana Estevez from the branch and talked to her about member
work! Woo! She's awesome, too! Then we met this cute little old man,
Marino, that said he would never change his religion. But he gave us
juice and cookies and was so funny and cute. And he told us we should
try to teach his neighbors! So we'll try that! Yay referrals! We came
home and had a video chat lesson with this guy named Jorge that was
great! He had a ton of questions about how we know God chose the
prophet and what happens when the prophet dies and how the quorum of
the 12 get chosen and all that stuff. It was sweet! And he really
wanted to know what Christ said to the Nephites so we invited him to
read it! And he also wants us to talk to his son in Ecuador and try to
teach him, too! YEAH REFERRALS! Then that night we went to the women's
general conference and loved it! Our little RS had a cute little
party. It was lovely :) empanadas and everything. Good stuff.

Sunday was cool! We actually went to church up in Morristown because
Sister Allen went back, 4 of her old investigators got baptized! So
cool! So we went to all the meetings with them there and it was fun to
be with Sister Smith and Holguin for a little bit. And I sat next to
the cute Stake Relief Society President in Relief society and guess
what! Her daughter is engaged to Thomas Ashworth!! Haha what?! I guess
it's not officially official yet.. but so crazy! So we took some
pictures to send to him, it was cute :) The baptisms went well and
there was a ton of good food after. Like the Hispanics do :) it was
cool, though, President Taggart was there! Yeah PT! Then we came back
and saw a couple people and made a ton of calls. We found out Brenda
and Jorge weren't able to make it to church, but Johnny did! So we
called and talked to him and he said he loved it and wants to keep
going! He said he prayed about the Book of Mormon and knows it's true
and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! Wow! And we invited him to be
baptized and he said yes! Except not this week because he has a work
trip out of town hahah! But we'll get him a date and get him all
prepared soon :) it was really cool!

All in all, it was a crazy week. All full of good things! We have two
exchanges this week, then general Conference, and transfer calls this
Sunday night. I can't believe it's already almost done, all 6 weeks!
Time has never flown so fast in my life. It literally feels like I've
been with sister Allen for like 2 weeks. But we'll see what the Lord
has in store for our next six weeks! I'm super super excited for
conference! It's going to be the BEST.

Hermana Millington
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