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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wrong Turn to Harlem - January 16, 2017

Hey family! I learned so many things this week, you guys. It was really great! I feel like I write you guys all the time with new things I've learned and new ways my life has changed. 

On Tuesday we were SO TIRED. We went to go see this less-active lady but she wasn't there. While I was writing her a note for her door, Sister Holguin literally fell asleep standing up in the hall. Hahaha what?? And I felt like it was really not safe for me to be driving when I was so tired as well. So we went back to the apt for a 15 minute nap so we didn't die on the way to our next appointment. It was super crazy, though. I honestly have never been so tired in my life. But life is so good :)
But this Wednesday we had a really interesting experience: on our way to pick up this YW Chelsy who was coming with us for a mini-mission to our district meeting, we accidentally didn't take the exit we were supposed to and ended up driving around in Harlem for 11 minutes. We have the video of the whole thing. Hahaha it was so insane. We felt so bad and disobedient!! It was really dumb. It was also $15 to get across the George Washing Bridge. So lame. But it was a good adventure I guess :) And Chapman is doing an internship there in Harlem so I was looking for him the whole way, but I didn't find him! Haha it would have been funny, though. Such an adventure. It was a pretty stressful crazy day! But all good in the hood (in Harlem hahaha)

On Sunday our awesome investigator, Patricia, came to church! She's so darn cute :) I love her a lot! And her three sons came as well, I think they enjoyed it a lot. And the branch was so good to her and her kids--there was literally a line to talk to them and help her kids out :) It was so cute!! 

Anyway, this week has been a pretty crazy one as well! It just never stops, ya know? Haha life on the mission is just non-stop learning and growing! I love it out here :) My companion is awesome, my area is growing and flourishing, and life is really good. I've come to know that my life is super super blessed and that gives me the ability to know how to love and bless the lives of others through the gospel. I'm thankful for all the things I've been able to experience and see throughout my life and my time here in New Jersey. This place will always have a piece of my heart  :)

Have a miracle-filled week! Les AMOOOO!
Hermana Millie

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