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Monday, February 20, 2017

Patricia and Michael - February 6, 2017

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We saw Patricia and/or Michael every day this week! And seriously,
they have been prepared by God to hear our message. We'll
see them tonight and throughout the week and they'll be ready to be
baptized Sunday! It'll be really awesome :) I seriously love them so
much. They've become like real brothers and sisters for me. I pray for
them and think about them all the time and love them to death. I know
I had to come here on my mission to meet them. And maybe they didn't
need Hermana Millington but they needed some Hermana's to come find
them. And we actually didn't! Haha! It was our zone leaders, Elder
Hicks and his comp at the time, Elder Trask. They knocked their door
and Elder Hicks knows a little dominican slang so he got us a return
appointment! Haha and she told us the other day when we couldn't see
her for a couple weeks after our first appointments she was usually
there in the house, but she told her mom to tell us she wasn't because
she didn't want to see us. Mean, right? Haha but it's okay :) we kept
coming and she was going through a hard time. And then when it all
came crashing down for her we were there :) more that Christ was there
and we were His representatives, but I really know the gospel has
changed her life. She already wants to host a branch party at her
house and Michael is going to go out with Elder Hicks and Peterson
after his baptism :) he wants to serve a mission so bad! It's amazing.

In other news, we had a couple exchanges this week! The STL life is
good, it's just overwhelming sometimes. While I have so many
weaknesses as a regular missionary, I have even more as a sister
training leader! Haha. There's a lot we have to improve. But it's
good! We're doing our best and that's all we can do. I had a couple
good exchanges with Sister Higginbotham and Sister Peña. They're sweet
sisters :) i hope we help them out a little.

Anyway, it's been a good week. I'm just about to finish the Book of
Mormon again in English! Woo! I read it this time studying for prayer
and the Holy Ghost and I've learned a lot. I also recently listened to
this talk by Stephen R Covey called "An Educated Conscience" that
talks a lot about how the Holy Ghost talks to us. You should find it
and listen to it!! It really changed my perspective of how the spirit
speaks to me. I learned that a lot of times impressions will come to
us just through our thoughts and our conscience. And that's what it
talks about in Ether 4 and Moroni 7-- whatever is good is from God :)
we just have to actually follow-through on the little things He
inspires us to do.

Man, it's crazy to think it's almost been a year for little Sister
Millie out here. Can you believe that? Time has gone by too fast. It
makes me super sad to think this time is so special and sacred and it
won't last forever. Don't worry, I'm not getting trunky ;) but it is
interesting to think about where I was a year ago at this time: what I
thought about missionary work and the gospel and life and myself. I
think I've changed. I don't know, it's hard to see, really! But I
think when you see me again you'll see I'm a little different. It's
true what Dad always said about a lifetime of experience in 18/24
months and how it puts you on a higher plane. My priorities and
thoughts, words, and actions, are different than a lot of my 21
year-old friends in the world. It's amazing to think about the people
the Lord has put in my life in the last year. My heart has grown
1,000x bigger. I didn't realize I had so much love for so many people
I hadn't even met yet! And to think I could have gone my whole life
without them!! Que tristeza. To think I could have lived this whole
time without knowing the Vegas and Gloria or Alexiz and Noe and Walter
and Edwin or Patricia and Michael and the Mendoza's and the Torres and
the Guevaras and all these AMAZING people. I just love them way too
much :)

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