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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Barf-Day Sister Holguin ❤ - January 23, 2017

Ah man. This week, you guys. So many ups and downs!! Here's a recap:

Tuesday at 3 am I woke up. I'll spare you all the details, but I slept
in the bathroom all night in the corner, waking up periodically to
spew my guts out. It was rough. At about 6:45 AM we called the mission
nurse and she said we should get some pepto, Dramamine, and gatorades.
So we called our beloved zone leaders and they came to the rescue!! It
was actually cool, they came and gave me a priesthood blessing and I
really felt the power and difference of the priesthood in our home.
But those poor guys, we looked like death. Haha but we spent the whole
day sleeping. Literally we were probably awake a total of like 4
hours. We slept on the floor, the chairs, the bed, everywhere. It was
a really really rough day.

Wednesday and Thursday we did some good work! Saw some good people,
taught some good lessons, ya know. Then Friday was Sister Holguin's
birthday!! Woooo!! That day we had zone conference in Union City! It
went well, learned some good stuff, ate some good food :) haha! We
also had a funny lunch-time game where President sand and sister
Taggart danced a little-- their hippy side came out hahaha i was
dying!! I love them so much. I also got that package from mom that
day!! Woohoo! Then we went to the Mendoza house and had some Hindu
food and some birthday cake for sister Holguin-- they put these
candles on it that would not distinguish!! She tried so many times, poor
thing! And the fire alarm started going off!! Hahahaha it was good :)
and yummy chocolate cake! We love that family. Then we went to the
Guevara's and had baleadas! I thought they were alright, but they
didn't agree with sister Holguin.. they gave us the cake to take home
and as we drove home it took everything she had to hold it in.. as
soon as we walked in the front door she went to the bathroom and threw
it all up :( poor thing!! On her birthday!! :(

Saturday was good! We did a table stand on Bergenline, and then went to see this new investigator, and her sister. But it was weird. We couldn't feel the spirit at all. And we don't know why!!But we didn't know what to say or teach or anything. It was weird. But
we showed a video and then left. Then to Rodolfo Torres' house and had
"correlation" and they fed us some spaghetti and salad. Then we went
to see another investigator and they fed us Mangu, this typical
Dominican food. It was good, but it was just WAY too much food! But
they're sweet :)

Sunday was the BEST. Patricia came to church with her two kids! But
not the oldest because he was visiting his aunt in the hospital. But
all good! In gospel príncipes our teacher wasn't there yet so we began
to teach her the Plan of Salvation! We had 3 members there and it all
went really well. When we finished, she said "can I tell you
something? I've been praying a lot about all this to know if this
church is true and all this, and I just received my answer. This whole
plan just answered my questions." What!? So cool!! So we asked her if
she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and she
said "of course!!" We asked her for Feb 11th and she said "yeah!
Totally! Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it! I could get
baptized today!!" Haha it was so awesome!! Seriously, the spirit was
so strong. And then all the cute members were bearing testimony about
how this will be the best decision of her life and everything. So
cute!! Haha :) then after she asked us if her son could get baptized
that day too! We said yeah but we have to teach him a ton and she was
like "cool! Sounds good! He'll be so excited, he really liked church!"
And he went to YM Tuesday too! Stellar kid. Then that night after some
other lessons we showed up at our members house and their cousins were
over! So we had a little FHE and taught the Book of Mormon and Joseph
Smith and then baptisms and sealings.. haha it was crazy. But

Anyway, it's been a week of some really high highs, and some really
low lows. But the Lord always provides :) and I love Patricia so much.
She's so prepared and so ready and I'm so excited for her! I know she
was one of the reasons I had to come here. I don't know if it was me
specifically, but she definitely needed missionaries right now and we
were blessed to be able to find her :)

I love you guys!! Have a miracle-filled week!!
Sis. Holguin 's Birthday gifts from Idaho
Ps Sister Holguin loved the birthday package!! With all the Idaho spud
bars and everything :) you guys are the best!! ❤❤

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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