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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A week full of Newark - January 30, 2017


 This week was really good! Patricia and Michael are
progressing like pros. We saw them Tuesday and taught Michael
the restoration and it was awesome. He said the closing prayer and
prayed for us by name, prayed they would be ready to be baptized, and
then prayed he could be a missionary someday too!! Isn't that sweet?!
Not many 17 year old, not-member kids (especially in New Jersey) want
to serve missions. So that was really amazing:) we love them! And
we'll be seeing them every day this week to help them prep for their
baptism the 12th!

We had a funny experience this Thursday. We were going to pick up some
sisters in Jersey City for an exchange, and I took a really dumb wrong
turn. We ended up on this giant bridge that was un-exit-able. Ugh I
was so frustrated. I hate being late! But sister Holguin was stoked
because she'd always wanted to go on this huge bridge. Haha so she
starts taking a video of this whole thing. We drive all the way across
and go to turn around and get back on, and on the on-ramp we hit a
GIANT pot-hole. And our tire popped. So here we are, 8 pm and totally
dark, on the edge of Newark, NJ, one of the most dangerous areas of
the mission. So we call our car guy and he tells us what we have to
do, and we start calling all the elders in Newark to get some help
with our tire. And our phone battery was dying! And no one was
answering!! So we walk around a little and all around us are these
factories and trucks and NO PEOPLE. So deserted. But we were armed
with our Books of Mormon and I had the keys in my pocket ready to
shank anyone, so we were okay. So we stand in this corner and pray and
we feel we need to go back the other way. We do, and we find
civilization!! We found this little Portuguese barbecue place and keep
calling everyone and their dog. Eventually we found the Portuguese
elders and they were so funny! They're like "no sisters!! No!! You
can't be here, it's so late! It's so dangerous! Where are you? We're
on our way! No sisters!!" Haha so we send them the address and they
came and checked out our car.

We pulled it off the on-ramp and into
this awkward little corner away from everything (perfect placement by Heavenly Father 👌🏼). Elder Santana and Elder Núñez got to work on the tire and it took an hour! The jack was dumb and he car almost fell like twice on this poor elder. But we gave them our gloves and Gatorade because we didn't know how else to help!! But we prayed a lot and we learned a lot. We learned the Lords timing is perfect. We learned not to ignore promptings that exchanges shouldn't happen-- the
Lord will make His will known and done, even if it means popping your tire. We learned more about the comfort and strength of the priesthood. We learned that even in scary moments in the dark in Newark the Book of Mormon and prayer bring peace and assurance everything will be okay :). And everything was!!

Then the next day we accidentally drove to Newark AGAIN. So I don't
know why the Lord kept sending us there haha but it was an adventure
for sure :)

We had our first exchange this week, too! It was pretty different,
both the sisters came to our area. I went with sister Malafu, from
Hawaii! She just came to the mission, she's adorable :) we had a
really good time together and tried to find some people! It's actually
super awesome, our area gets double work on exchanges!! Woo!!

Anyway, it was a great week. I love my companion more than life and
all is good in he hood :) keep praying for Patricia and Michael!! ❤❤

Hermana Millie

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