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Friday, January 13, 2017

The craziest week in the history of crazy weeks - January 9, 2017

Sis. Holguin
 This week was insane, friends.

I went on exchange with Sister Kramer who was an STL and served in Englewood not too long ago! She helped me out a lot with some info about the members and STL things. She's awesome! We taught a LOT Tuesday night and Wednesday all day. 

On Wednesday we went to meet a new investigator. She's the saddest situation. She used to be 400 lbs and after some surgeries she now weighs 98 and can't eat anything or do anything. She just sits in bed all day because she's literally skin and bones. And she throws up everything she eats. And she did while we were there. And I don't know if you guys remember but I am SO BAD with that stuff. I freaked out a little bit. I couldn't stop shaking, it was rough. But we're going to be teaching her now, so that's probably not the last time that'll happen. But then at our next appointment their daughter also threw up. But luckily she was behind this curtain in this bed and we didn't have to see anything. It was so rough. But listen. I know the Lord loves me because he gave me this little trial. It's not anything huge and really, really hard, but it was hard for me. But He knows I need to grow a little bit, so he made a couple people really sick on Wednesday. Haha!

Thursday we had TAC and cleaned our apartment SO DEEP. It took so long, but it was so worth it.  Then we had dinner with the Torres and that was way too much food, but they're sweet. They're crazy, they feed us SO MUCH FOOD and like twice a week. And they're out of work right now and really struggling! But they have a lot of faith that if they give us everything they have they'll receive the blessings they need. SO much faith. 
Friday we had a good day, I went to Jersey City on exchange with Sister Freestone! She's super awesome. She just finished training, she's about 4 months old on the mission. We spent four hours walking around the city looking for people and didn't really find anyone. That was a little bit of a bummer, but it was all good! She kept a really good attitude, she's adorable :) We also had correlation with their ward mission leader at this Columbian restaurant and that was pretty funny. Then we had a lesson over Facebook with one of their investigators, it went super well! He's totally going to get baptized soon. 

Saturday was the craziest. I didn't stop snowing all day. We had a little table stand on Bergenline. We gave out some Christmas wrapped Book of Mormons and it went well! We gave out a lot :) then we were going up to Hackensack (about 20 minutes away) for some appointments, but we decided to stop at Pep Boys because our windshield wipers weren't working very well and it was really hard to see. Also Sister Holguin doesn't drive, so that was all me. But long story short, on the way there we almost got in a wreck three times. We were going down this hill toward a busy street and the brakes were locking up and I couldn't stop. I was already pretty nervous, and then I panicked just a little bit. I said "sister, I can't stop. The breaks aren't working, the car isn't going to stop." So she said a prayer that everything would be okay and I tried pumping the breaks all the way down this ridiculously big hill. Miraculously the car stopped before we reached the intersection and there was no one coming the other way so we made it through okay! That was a relief. Then we kept sliding all over the place and made it closer to Hackensack. As we were driving along, this car pulled out this other street and slid into our lane and turned a couple times. We didn't have a lot of traction, but we found some and drove around them safely on the side of the road. We almost hit a pole as we drove into the parking lot of Pep Boys and I was just so over it. It was really scary. I don't know if I've every prayed so much in my life, honestly. But after it all, Sister Holguin and I knew that angels were surrounding our car the whole way. It was a miracle we made it there and back without any accidents. I really know that our ancestors were with us watching over us. It was really amazing. 
We spend the evening in Hackensack because it took them three hours to get windshield wipers put on our car. But we got some food downtown and walked around in the snow and were the only ones out there! Then we made it back home eventually and had dinner with the Torres again. They're too good! 
Anyways, this week was really crazy and really blessed. I was really watched over, for sure. I know the Lord loves me. And I don't really know how to tell people that. I don't know how to express His love and His mercy and infinite atonement and grace. But as my wise companion told me last night, it's not something I can teach or tell, it's something they have to feel. So I'm figuring out how to best help others feel that.
 Time is going way too fast, I'm getting to be one of the older kids out here. It's really too crazy.

Have an awesome week! Stay safe in the snow!
Hermana Lexi

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