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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Miracle in the Atlanta Airport - March 21, 2016

Note from Momma Millington: 
When Lexi left for Mexico we gave her two calling cards so that she could call us from the Atlanta airport on her way from Mexico to New Jersey. We've been looking to talking with her since she left!! We knew that Lexi was going to be traveling on Monday, March 21st which happened to be spring break for Seth and Chloe so we were out of town. I was SO glad for the invention of cell phones so that she could call us anywhere we happened to be. Monday morning came and we knew approximately when she would call us because of her flight schedule. Lance and I were so excited - we were paralyzed looking at our phones waiting for her call. The window of time when she could call came and was slowly closing, and we were all trying really hard to not be VERY disappointed. Lance was thinking that flights might have been delayed and I thought that her calling cards were not working. Finally, when we knew that she would be boarding in 15 minutes, and we were ready to give up hoping, Lance's phone rang showing a call from Colorado. It was her!!!!!!!!!!!! It was our Lexi's voice! 
Lexi told us that they (her Hermanas and Elders from the MTC) could not find a pay phone anywhere in the airport and they were SO sad and frustrated. As they were trying to figure out how to call home, a nice woman approached them, introduced herself and asked if there was anything she could do to help them. She let them use her phone and all of them got about 5 minutes to make their calls!
I have to say, that when our phone wasn't ringing, I started praying and hoping that Lexi would find a nice person with a cell phone and ask if she could make a call. I'm sure I wasn't the only mom praying that morning for a miracle, but it truly was a missionary miracle! One of many that Lexi will experience in her service.

The photo below is a picture that this nice sister sent to us along with this sweet note:

"So blessed to run into these disciples of Jesus Christ in the Atlanta airport. Hermana's Hettinger, Woll, Millington, Davis, and Elders Hunt & Follett of the New Jersey Morristown Mission Spanish. On their way from the Mexico MTC to the mission field to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My journey has truly been blessed. I love and admire these beautiful young men and women."

March 21, 2016 - Atlanta Airport

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