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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last week in the MTC - March 16, 2016


Sorry this email is so late in the afternoon today, we went to the temple again today! It was lovely. But the trips take foreverrrrr. But it was still lovely, and we got to go waltz around a cute little tienda after. It's still within the walls of church property, though, so it was nice and safe! Driving through Mexico City is a blast, it's so darn loco. Chickens everywhere. Not really, but people everywhere and sometimes dogs. 
Oh man I just remembered, I was going to send yall a picture of some of my first lessons and my lessons now! My Spanish is getting muy bien. I think in a few days I'll get a little slap in the face with some real Spanish, but I'm excited. I know I'm still learning and stuff here, but I just need to be there with the people to actually really get there. And the Gift of Tongues is so real. It totally is. It's not like I just randomly blurt out words I didn't know or anything, but I find words coming out of my mouth that I've only looked at once, and they totally work! And I love Spanish so much. I was definitely meant to Speak Spanish, and I thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to learn it to serve Him.

So last PDay was awesome! Really relaxing. My favorite part was when we all gathered around a cute little piano in some classroom and sang some hymns! I'm so glad I brought my music :) And we're doing a special musical number in our branch sacrament meeting on Sunday, so we'll probably practice some more this afternoon! It was so darling last week, it reminded me of when we sang together as a family. Those are some of my happiest memories of home. I think about all y'all all the time. You're always always in my prayers. 
Hey cool news, I sang a solo in front of the whole MTC yesterday! Haha it was just a couple lines in I Need Thee Every Hour (in spanish), and it went well! Nothing too exciting to report about that, but I was glad to have the opportunity to share my testimony through music just a little bit :) We all miss music quite a bit in our district, we sing all the time!
Another cool piece of news, Elder Cook is coming to the MTC on Friday! So that'll be cool! Yay for apostles. I'm excited :) 
Funny spanish mix-up of the week: we were eating dinner together as a district, and I accidentally dropped a grain of rice on my skirt.. So I said "que embarazada!" which sounds like "how embarassing" but actually means "how pregnant." Haha I did it on purpose cause it's funny, but then I said I was just kidding, I'm not "embarazada," and Elder Follett said "well you should be!!" hahaha he didn't quite know what emarazada meant. So funny. 

So Hermana Davis and I are teaching two investigtors right now, Martin and Luis. They're just our teachers, but they do a good job of asking questions and whatnot. But I'm excited to actually talk to real people with real problems that I can actually teach! And Hermana Hettinger and I (we switched up companionships for a lesson a day, just to switch it up) are teaching Elder Follett as Beau, and that's awesome. She's so well-read in the scriptures and I can always rely on her Spanish! I really enjoy teaching with her.
A couple days ago I had a cool experience with Hermana Woll, my little sister. She's so darn cute. But we were practicing teaching, and the situation was this: an investigator, Chris, had just had his family killed in a car accident. So we were practicing using the Book of Mormon in all situations. I taught Hermana Woll as Chris and we read in Alma 40 about the paradise that awaits those who have lived righteous lives. I said I couldn't understand her situation, but Christ could. We read in Alma 11 about how Christ took upon Himself our pains and afflictions and temptations and everything. I then talked about how the world is a crazy place, but the Book of Mormon and Christ are the light we need to make it through. I'm sure that those words came from the Spirit, they weren't part of my plan at all. But after the lesson, she started giving me feedback, and tears started streaming down her cheeks. She said her grandpa is on the verge of passing away and she's been praying to find peace about it all. She said the lesson I gave was what she needed to hear. I was so so so happy. And I know that it wasn't so much what I had said or what I'd planned to say, but that I opened my mouth with faith in the Spirit and the words came to me that she needed. It showed me that I can't know all the needs of my investigators (whether they're investigators really or teachers or other missionaries), but the Spirit always knows. And as long as I'm worthy to have it with me, together we can change lives. I'm just so ready to be in the mission field and watch it happen. 
Anywayz, life is so good. Galatians 2:20 (I think?) talks about living your life in faith, and that's the goal here! I don't know what I'll face and who I'll meet here in a few days, but I have faith that I can help someone who needs the gospel in their life. 
PS to all those people that ask how I'm doing (lol like I have a fanclub back home), tell them I'm living the dream. I couldn't be happier, and I never want to come home! But good news, I've got 17 more months :)

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