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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First week in New Jersey! - March 28, 2016

Hermana Pace and the bus!
March 2016

Well here I am in New Jersey! It's been crazy, folks! But I'm here and I'm working hard.

My trainer is Sister Pace and she is AWESOME. Sometime today I'll send you a little video we took on her iPad. I won't get mine for another 6 weeks, which is a huge bummer, because the planning and everything is way rad on the iPads (whaaat that rhymed). But soon enough I'll be there! I love technology. Always and forever.
So Sister Pace. Like I said, she's only been here about 14 weeks, but she's great! Her Spanish is definitely better than mine, but we're working together to get better. She's got an awesome work-ethic and a great sense of humor.
Man, what did I even do this week? I knocked a few doors! That was fun! And we're working together on door approaches, she hasn't abandoned me yet. That day will probably soon come, but not yet! So that's really sweet. But one lady let us into her house and we talked about Christ, shared an Easter video, and left her with a Book of Mormon. We're going to call her tomorrow and hopefully get another appointment! We're really hopeful, she was awesome. Great spirit in her home. But unfortunately, we got juked SO MANY TIMES this week. Almost all our dinner appointments fell through and I didn't actually teach a lesson with anyone until Saturday. So lots of time to contact! But we've been teaching lessons and everything is going well! We have one family, the Vegas, that are super great. We're going to go see them tonight!
Also, our little branch! They are so cute. I'm in the Tom's River Second branch, and it's where the Rose's served! Every time I tell someone I'm from Idaho they say, "oh, like the Roses!" (well, in Spanish) and I say "yes, I love them! Aren't they great?" and man, the praise just never stops! They LOVE the Roses here. And so does Sister Pace! They had such an amazing influence on this little branch. They really saved it. It's awesome to be able to come into a place that has been so strengthened by that great couple. So if you see the Roses soon, tell them they have lots of love still coming from Tom's River!
Church was a little tough this week.. because it's all in Spanish.. that's pretty fast... Haha but I bore my testimony and told them all that I love them and I'm excited to work TOGETHER to help invite people to come to Christ. It's a tiny little branch, so I got to meet all the members that were there. We have lots of work to do in this little branch. I love them mucho. And I know we need to build them up some more and love them till it melts their shoes so we can find others to bring into our little fold. We have dinner appointments tonight, tomorrow, and the next day with members and I look forward to getting to know them better. 
So we have this area we go to contact, in Clifton Square in Lakewood, that's pretty funny. Pretty much if you aren't Mexican in this area you're a Jew. Holy Yalmakas, they're everywhere. It's so sweet! This place is SO different that Idaho and Utah. Haha! We don't really talk to them, I don't think they really like us or want to hear what we have to say.. But they're nice enough, they keep to themselves and do their thing. But we walk around Clifton feeling very white and mormon. But we are! It's the best! The missionary life rocks. 
Also, I went to WalMart today! Woo! I'm outside the walls of the CCM and living a real life! Kind of!
Funny stories: We saw a bus this week that said "Jesus Christ is the Answer" on the front when we were knocking doors. It's TRUE. So we took a picture with it :) And the best thing that happened for me this week: We were calling some potentials in our area book and I saw the name Hilda, so I decided to call her. She was the first one I was going to try, Hna Pace had done all the other ones.. So here's how our conversation went: 
me: Hola hermana! Como esta?
her: bien...
me: Bueno! Pues, somos las misioneras de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias, y solo queremos ver si usted tiene interes para reunir con nosotros? (we're the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints and we just wanted to see if you have any interest in meeting with us)
her: no.
hna pace: bueno, pues, estamos buscando para Hilda. Usted es Hilda? (well, we're looking for Hilda. Are you Hilda?)
her: no. She died in July. She was my mother.
us: ..... oh. we're so sorry to hear that....
So that's good stuff.
 I'm so blessed to be here doing this work. It's the greatest work in the world. It was a little bit of a bummer to have WalMart orange chicken and stir-fried vegetables for Easter dinner yesterday, but I couldn't be happier anywhere else. Our Savior lives and loves each one of us and that's why I'm here. I want everyone to feel the overwhelming joy I feel because I know that. So much joy that I wake up every day and go out and look like a crazy person talking to them about Jesus. We definitely aren't normal, but we shouldn't be! That's what's so great! I know the Lord wants me here and I'm so happy to be on His errand. 
Les amo muchisimo! Go read your Book of Mormon! Alma 26!  
Hermana Millington

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