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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Promised Land - UNION CITY - May 22, 2017

Me and Sis. McCoy
Union City

Wow. This week was SO GOOD. Honestly. Holy cow. Santa vaca. My feet have never hurt so bad and I've never been so tired. But I've never been so HAPPY!! Being a missionary is the BEST. We saw so many miracles this week.

Here's one that was especially awesome: Friday evening we were doing finding and walked past a building. Hermana McCoy recognized it and said we should try a former that lived there. As we went up and knocked the door, a man walked up behind us and recognized Sister McCoy! We stood and talked to him (Julio) for a minute and then another woman came home to the door across the hall. We said hi to her and she said she was baptized in our church! We set an appointment to come back the next day. When we went back, we found out Indira and Julio were members (they're friends; they were baptized in their country but have been inactive for a long long time), but their friend, Lina, wasn't. She got pretty emotional when she told us about a bad experience she had at another church recently. Julio and Indira were really excited to have us over and to come back to the church. And Lina said she knew the Mormons were good people and she wanted to learn more and come to church! And that she'd bring her 12 year old daughter! Her and Julio were having a side-conversation at one point that I overheard and were talking about how they feel our "vibe" and they love it. Lina said she feels super comfortable and super loved by us! That's the Spirit!! There were a couple moments during the lesson I honestly had difficulty speaking because my heart was so full and the spirit was so strong. I'm so excited to work with them. And before we left they had us sign their Book of Mormons! Haha! They are super sweet. I know the Lord put us in their path at this time 100% on purpose. 
That night we got home and we're flipping out we were so happy. We went out on the roof outside our study room and Sister McCoy did some parkour (sp??). Hahaha we just laid on the roof at look at the stars (there were like 5 we could see) and smiled. It was the happiest ever :) 

This was us on the roof later that night :)   (If you look closely you'll see it has an avocado with a cape on it)
This week we literally found FOUR people (including Julio and Indira) who were baptized and we don't have them in our records! Crazy town! So it makes me wonder how many people of all the thousands in Union City are actually members.. haha! Did I tell you guys this city is the most densely populated in the US? Yeah. It's because in one house there's like 4 families and in every apartment there's like 2. It's crazy. There are always people out on the street! Especially this one street, Bergenline. If you go google maps this place and go to the street view of Bergenline you'll see it's just lined with stores (mostly Hispanic stores-- the city is about 80% Hispanic) and there's always people there. Today we're going shopping there for a little bit. I had a really sad moment this week: remember that Ann Klein watch Matt and Seth bought me for Christmas last year? It was my only surviving watch, my others stopped working like a year ago. Well, this week it stopped working too :( so I could put a new battery in it, but at this point I've been wearing it a TON and the band is super ratchet and torn up. So I think I'll get a cheap watch today and then repair it when I get back. It was so sad, though, I've LOVED having that watch every day!!

Anyways, this area is the bomb. I'm literally living the dream. I feel like I've finally hit the point in my mission (after 15 months) where I know what I'm doing. I speak Spanish well, I know how to teach, and I'm not afraid to find. I'm working as hard as I can and giving 100% of myself every day. I know that's why we've seen so many miracles this week. We're being obedient, we're working hard, and the Lord recognizes that. 

The members have been good to me this week. It made one less-active really happy last night that I could speak and understand so well and that I love Valentina! We hit it off really well, which is really good because she needs a lot of help. It was cool :) 
The members are really willing to have us over and the ward is big and pretty organized! They have their weaknesses, but it's getting there. We have a senior missionary couple, the Cutlers, that do a LOT for the ward. They live right next to us and are super awesome! I got to play piano in the primary and for one song in sacrament meeting because Sister Cutler couldn't play. I love to be able to serve :) 

Sister McCoy is from Bicknell, UT, a really tiny town! She knew Seth in the MTC! How funny, right? So she's that old in the mission-- about 7 months. She has such a strong desire to work hard and improve. It's super great! We get along really well, she's so sweet and genuine. I love her a lot :) 

Have an awesome week!!

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