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Sunday, May 21, 2017

On my way to UNION CITY!!! - May 15, 2017

 Hermana Millington in the rain
Sis. Gaytan


This is a busy pday because I'm moving!! I'm going to Union City with
Sister McCoy :) I'm so excited!! It's a walking area and I'm praying
the shoes I have will hold up for 3 more months. So I'm in the process
of packing up and heading out! We're seeing a bunch of my favorite
people tonight (and eating my favorite pizza) so that'll be fun.

It's been a really great week, I don't really know how to sum it all

"group hug"
Mother's Day 2017
up! But it was such a joy to see you all and especially talk with
Sether yesterday :) it's amazing to see how much he's learning and
growing. His Spanish is super good! He's a champ. And his testimony is
becoming so strong and awesome. I'm so proud of him :) it's crazy how
fast time flew on that call!!

In other news, Sister Pace goes home tomorrow! My own mother!
 It's going to be an awesome week in Union :) there's people everywhere! It's going to
be such a party! Plus we're going to the temple soon (I think this
week?) and my new zone has a ton of really awesome people. Sister
Flinders and a Court and Sister Davis and Allen!! It's a non-stop
Keep reading those scriptures and saying your prayers:)

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