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Sunday, May 21, 2017



Hey family!! Guess who came to church this week?!? BRENDA AND JORGE
AND ALL THE NIÑOS!! Greatest ever. The niños we're running around a
lot during sacrament meeting.. but they enjoyed all the classes and
everything! And the members were super good to them. This branch is
the best :) and Brenda even called us this morning to tell us that
Abby (the 3 year old girl) was telling her all about how much she
loved Primary. Haha! They're hoping to be able to go next week and
keep going :) it was awesome, we gave them a little tour before church
starts and we saw the baptismal font. Abby asked if they were going to
take a bath there, and Brenda said "yeah, someday we'll be there
taking a bath" :) I know it was a huge and hard step for them to take,
but they're already seeing the blessings of church attendance.
It was a funny Sunday, I actually spent the last two hours in primary.
Haha! The primary President knew I knew a little about music so she
asked my help with the Mother's Day songs next week. So I went in
prepared to play piano, and then she left and turned it all over to
me.. haha so I played the music on the iPad and taught them the songs!
I drew on the board to help them learn the words and they told me I'm
a bad artist. Hahaha it was fun though :) mom I wish you were here to
help them! You are THE primary music lady, you know.

This week was really great, though! Nice and busy :) we had a bunch of
appointments and two exchanges! One sweet miracle we saw was when we
went to Noches de Columbia with sisters Fernandez and Hernandez and
I love these sisters. We had a great exchange!
this random worker walked over and said "so who are the Mormons? What
do you guys believe?" And he was genuinely interested! He's looking
for the true church!! So that was cool :) we got his info and we plan
on telling him all about what we believe! Then this guy that was
probably not very sober asked us for a Book of Mormon on the street
and that was funny. Haha people are funny. We also had a really good
time drawing the Plan of Salvation in a busy park in Englewood :) it
was super fun!

We also did this great new service on Wednesday morning where we went
and cleaned up this community nature preserve. It's a bunch of old
retired hippie people who love the earth and gardening. Haha and the
old ladies just adore the elders. So that'll be fun to keep going! It
feels so nice to be outside and in dirt and stuff. Yay nature!!

We had some awesome lessons this week, one in particular with an
investigator in a member's home. That's the dream! They connected well
and he learned a LOT. We're excited to talk to him again soon. We also
met this new investigator in a park and the lesson went well! We're
trying to figure out how to teach the Restoration and help people
understand what a big deal this actually is. We've come to the point
of telling them really clearly "this is THE church of Jesus Christ on
the earth again and we're the only ones with the right authority to
baptize people to be able to be saved." I don't know how to say it a
lot clearer than that.. but sometimes they still don't get it!! Silly
gooses. They just don't understand their eternal salvation is in the
balance. Man.

This week I had a great time reading in the Book of Mormon! I finished
2 Nephi this morning. I'm probably way behind.. but I love that book
so much. It's amazing to think about Nephi and his family and that
they were actually real people with real lives and feelings and
friends and situations. And yet Nephi especially was SO faithful. He
put the Lord and the commandments first in everything he did. And he
was so blessed for it! And I think sometimes I lose sight of what's
really important. It's not what other missionaries think of me or what
members think or comparing myself to my friends at home that are
married and having babies or whatever. This life is so much more than
a lot of little things, it's a journey back home to our Heavenly
Parents. It's doing our part day by day to receive the grace of the
Savior to be able to live with all of them again and have peace and
success in this life. It's amazing how the Book of Mormon helps us put
our lives in an eternal perspective and understand what true happiness
is. Keep reading it, folks :) it's trueeee!!

Have an awesome week! See you on Skype soon 🙃

Hermana Millington
New Jersey Morristown Mission

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