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Friday, January 13, 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo 2017 wooo!! (and Lexi's 21st Birthday) - January 2, 2017

Jersey pizza for Birthday lunch!!!

Sweet Sis. Holguin decorated for Lexi!

party with Mendoza's

cake #2 with Mendoza's
cake #3 with Nora, Jared & David
This week has been CRAZY TOWN. On Tuesday we went on exchange and I went to an area in Union City! That was cool. Did you know Union City is the most populated city in the country? That's what they say. Anyway, we met some cool people and taught a little bit! It was super fun to walk all over the place and talk to people in English! I know that language! Woo! And the sister I was with was super awesome! Sister Flinders :) she's way sweet. So good times all around. 

Wednesday I became legal! Woo!! It was a super good day :) full of love and kindness and cake :) we exchanged back in the early afternoon and went to pizza for lunch with the other sisters! That was yummy Jersey pizza. Then sister Holguin and I had a great day together!! We had some bom's that had been wrapped up like Christmas presents that we took to a table stand on Bergenline and they went fast! It was fun. Then we went to see Pola, but she wasn't home, so we went to see her daughter, Pola (haha) who lives close by. We had a little lesson with her and her daughter and then showed them pictures of our families. Then Sister Holguin told them it was my birthday so she said she had a piece of cake for us!! And then came back and told us it had liquor in it.. haha so we stuck a match in it and light it on fire and they sang happy birthday and then we left. No liquor cake for me! Haha. We then went to see the Mendoza family, where we went for Christmas. They were so cute! Their daughter's birthday was the day before so they had all the cute owl decorations everywhere! They got me a cute cake and they sang! And then my beloved companion smooshed my face in the cake. Haha so I'm officially Mexican now! Woo! We ate a little with them too, it was good. Then we went to see Nora and Jared and David and they got me a cake too! Haha it said "Happy Birthday Hermana Lexi Millington." So cute!! They didn't smash my face in it though, that was nice :) then we came home super stuffed and pretty late, so I didn't get to finish opening my birthday presents haha sad.
The rest of the week was pretty crazy! Thursday we spent the day with the sisters in Passaic and that went well! Then Friday we had mission leadership council, and that was crazy. Then Saturday we had interviews with President in the morning and then Ellis Island that afternoon! We taught a ton of lessons this weekend together and that was super nice! We have 7 people on date right now, and we're really excited! Pray for them, okay? There's David and Brenda and Jorge and other Brenda, and Francy, and Alejandro and Noah. We're really hopeful we get some baptisms this month :) 

Anyway, life is good out here!! Things are really busy and crazy. But super awesome :) I'm learning about how I need to do what I'm asked, being obedient and planning like a boss, and then let go and let God (: the atonement is so real!! 

Also I just learned I might actually be coming home August 3rd instead of 10th! And whole extra week wooo!!! But I'm not sure yet.. so we'll see.. :) 

I think about you and pray for you all the time!! Feliz Año Nuevo :) 

Hermana Millington 

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