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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TRANSFERS!! - November 28, 2016


Last Dover District meeting

So here's the news people:
I'm going to Englewood with Sister Holguin!! And.... I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader!! I am so excited :) Sister Holguin is super awesome! I don't remember where she's from.. But she's a native Spanish speaker! And she's super sweet. I love her a lot already. I'm really excited to be her comp! And Englewood is an awesome area! Sister Gibson and Sister Smith both loved it there. So it's going to be really awesome to see how that all goes. It'll be a change for sure! It's definitely more city than Dover.. But then again, everything is.. haha! But yeah :) And as for STL-ing, that'll be a big adventure! I still feel like I'm so new on the mission, I have no idea what I'm doing.. But I guess I'll have to learn quick! But Sister Smith and Sister Keys are both in a couple of the areas we'll be helping! So I'll get to go on exchanges and to Mission Leaders Conference and all kinds of fun stuff. Yay! I'm really excited :) I know it's going to take a lot of prayer and love, but I know that the Lord will help me magnify my calling as a missionary and this assignment to help the sisters in Zone 3 and 4. 
Also, Sister Hettinger from my district in the MTC is coming here to Dover with Sister Gibson! Woo! She's going to do so awesome here. And Sister Gibson is panicking a little because she's senior companion, but I know she's going to do so well :) 
AND my beloved mama, Sister Pace, is going to train again! And she's being doubled-in to Perth Amboy!! Man, I'm so excited for her :) I'm going to have a baby sister!! Woo!! She's going to do so well. She's a flipping rock star.

Turkey Bowl!!!
Although I will miss Dover :( And they're kicking me out right before Christmas, too! So mean. I had a great last week here, though. Our Thanksgiving was awesome! We met as a zone at a cute diner for breakfast, and then we had the Turkey Bowl in the morning, where we joined with Zone 2 and 3. We had six teams of about 10 people each! My team was... okay... we won one game! Woo! And the team we beat had gone undefeated! Haha but it was pretty fun anyway :) Except I accidentally elbowed another sister in the jaw.. but she was charging our quarterback and going REALLY HARD. I was scared for my life, man. It was all in self-defense. Haha! But it was really fun to be there. And all my past companions (except Sister Davis from the MTC) were there! Isn't that sweet?? Man, I love those sisters so much. It was especially fun to see Sister Smith again. She's so awesome.  During the championship game I actually sat and watched with Sister Holguin! She's so darn sweet. And her spanish is perfect (obviously) so that's awesome, too. She's actually a transfer younger than me, but she's really amazing. We're going to have fun! :)
Thanksgiving dinner at Bishop Haro's
For dinner we went to the Bishop's house and had some delicious turkeys and those yummy skillet potatoes! They reminded me of home :) Then we went to the Bravo's house and had some ham and sweet potatoes. They gave us a TON of left-overs. And I remembered how much I LOVE left-over ham. So flipping good. It was really sweet of them all to invite us over to eat with them. I missed being home with the family. But the good news was that it really didn't feel like too much of a different day. So I didn't get too trunky :) I hope everything was great in beautiful Buhl! Haha! I miss that funny place.

Thanksgiving dinner at Bravo's

On Saturday this weekend we had a really bummer night. We organized this really awesome activity that was like a plane crash and the plan of salvation and all this stuff, and Rigoberto (our ward mission leader) was super excited! He said people come every year and it goes super well! But this year... we got six people to show up, an hour late. And then two hours later a little family came. It was really rough. I felt super bad for him. Man, activities are SO HARD. And maybe it was because it was a holiday weekend? I don't know. But either way, I don't think it'll help his relationship with the ward very much. It was a super bummer. But we tried to have a good attitude about it all and it ended up alright.  

Yesterday was a lovely last Sunday in Dover. It was kind of a rough week because I had this feeling that I was going to leave and I was excited, but I didn't want to get a call and end up staying and then be all disappointed. So I worked hard and made the best of it all! I didn't get trunky on Dover! But on Sunday we had this really awesome gospel principles class about the Atonement. It was really powerful. I wish we'd had investigators there! Dang. And then after RS (and a minute playing for the primary :)) we stayed and helped move tables. We also took some pictures that you've probably seen on Facebook! I also might have sent them with the other pictures.. I don't remember. blast. Either way, it was good! Then we had some lunch and quick studies, and then a sweet lesson with Noe about patriarchal blessings! He'd asked about them a couple weeks ago. So we brought a YW, Sammy, who'd received hers recently, and it went super well. On our drive to the Montenegro's house, we got a call from President Taggart! We kept it on speaker while I was driving, and he said they'd prayed about it and had it confirmed and asked if I would be willing to accept an assignment to serve as a Sister Training Leader. I said of course! After we hung up I flipped out a little bit, I am SO excited!! So we texted a couple sisters and let them know "I got the call," they'd texted and asked a couple days before. Then we went to the Montenegro's and had a lovely dinner of chicken soup and tostaditos blancos, and Guatemalan hot chocolate. After we shared a message Hno Montenegro got a little emotional as he was saying goodbye. It was really sweet. I super love that family, I'm going to miss them a lot :( Then we went and saw Salvador and had a good little lesson with him. I'm going to miss him, too, he's progressing so well right now!! 

Sis. Smith
Anyway, today is a crazy day full of packing and writing in transfer journals and saying goodbye and all kinds of things. So I'm sorry this email is pretty rushed and crazy, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! But not as overwhelmed as Sister Gibson. So I'm keeping my cool and trying to help a sista out. She's so awesome, though. I'm going to miss her. I'm ready for a change of place and people and everything, but I will miss it here. The members here really have become like family to me. I've learned so much here about hard work and humility. I've grown a lot from the experiences I've had here. Dover, New Jersey will always have a special place in my heart :) 
All of her companions Sis. Smith, Sister Gibson, Sister Troconis, and Sister Pace

Have an awesome week, I love you!!
Hermana Millington

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