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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ENGLEWOOD PARTY - December 5, 2016

"We made it to Mormon.org!!!   Miracle at IHOP"!
Dec. 5, 2016 

Hermana Holguin - I gave her Idaho candy and she gave me Mexican candy :)

Holy cow, family. This is crazy stuff over here. I am just so flipping
happy every day I can't take it :) I have an awesome area that needs a
ton of work, I have so many sweet sisters to serve with, and my
companion is literally the best person ever in the world. I am so
happy :) plus sister smith is in my district, so that super rocks!
She's the cutest. And her companion is Dominican and super awesome.

We spent the week in meetings and meeting all kinds of members! It was
so sweet. We had a sweet district meeting, a new leader's training
meeting, and mission leader council. And oh man. These meetings are so
exhausting. And super crazy pants. But! We had a really good week :)
I'm just excited to actually get to work and meet people and find
people to baptize!! Sister Holguin has a TON of faith and is an
amazing pray-er.

We have this darling family, the Calderon family, that we saw a couple
times this week. They have a cute son named Peter who is like 10 or 11
and brought a friend to church this week! Woo! They gave us some
delicious Dominican food. And I had this sweet Dominican drink, morir
soñando, which means to die dreaming! Haha! And it's like a mixture of
creamy milk and orange juice. It's seriously dying dreaming. So good.

Anyway, it was a crazy week. I still have no idea what it means to be
a Sister Training Leader, but that's okay. Haha! Sister Holguin and I
are having an amazing time :) we speak Spanish almost all the time and
it's sweet! I seriously am so happy :) and this week we have our first
exchange with Sister Smith and Gonzalez! Woo! That'll be really fun i
think. And we have a Christmas zone conference at the mission home so
that'll be super fun!

Anyway, I'm learning a lot, folks. Like, tons. I am so so blessed and
so excited to blow up this area with sister Holguin. She's the best
and life is so good :)

Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Millington

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