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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Exchanges and Fireside - December 12, 2016

Freezing at the street table stand (on Bergenline Street in West New York) with Sis. Holguin

The Zone after "Traditions with the Taggarts"
So on Wednesday we had the cutest zone conference, called Traditions with the Taggarts! We all went to the mission home and had a delicious French toast breakfast, and then did a little Christmas thing. President read the story of Christ's birth and we sang the songs throughout! I played piano, and it was really sweet :) Then we had some good trainings on teaching the Restoration and on faith. I'd been forgetting faith was SO VITAL in our work. 
Then!! Our first exchange. I went with Sister Gonzalez to her area in Passaic, and it was crazy! That's a super crazy place. Everything is so City over here. But we saw their recent convert and had a really powerful lesson with her on having faith and hope through trials. S González is a good teacher for sure. It was fun to get to know her! 

Thursday we were together for weekly planning. That was pretty crazy! But I love weekly planning :) and it was cool to be able to hear about all their people and kind of get to know them. It was crazy how I was filled with so much love for these few people I hadn't even met yet. I know those Sisters will take good care of them. 
We exchanged back, and that was awesome. Then we went and saw this guy who looks like Yoda. He's a sweet little man. We taught him the Ten Commandments and that all went well! Then we went to see Nora and her son David (who we were going to teach woo!), but we ended up seeing Nora and Jared, her nephew! We talked and talked about families and how awesome they are. It was cool, it was more like a sweet little conversation. And super cool to meet Jared, he's awesome! (I feel like I definitely overuse "cool" and "awesome." Sorry guys hehe) then we literally ran to our branch president's house for dinner! We had some yummy meatloaf and Ecuadorian soda. We sat and talked about our favorite scripture stories for a long time :) it was sweet! He has a cute little family and a beautiful house! And this collection of antique record players and stuff-- way rad. Anyway. Thursday was a crazy day :)  

Then Friday!! Gotta get down on Friday. We went to Bergenline, this crazy busy street in West New York, and did a table stand with Elders Miller and Justice and Sister Mondragon and Flinders. It went well! We met a few people and sang them some Christmas songs and all kinds of good stuff :) it was super fun. But SUPER COLD.  We had a funny experience that night, we went to go see a less-active family in this apartment amongst all the Koreans (they're everywhere). They didn't answer, so we were debating about this Christmas decoration on a door across the hall-- whether or not it was Bambi (it totally wasn't). Haha! So we're standing there talking, and the guy that lives there walks up and is like "hey...?" Haha! Awkward. Anyway, we end up contacting him and sharing the Christmas video and everything! And he asked for a selfie with us.. haha! Anyway, miracles. 

Then YESTERDAY. It was seriously the biggest party ever. We had our all-Spanish-mission Christmas fireside! I played for almost all the songs and it was sweet! And I sang in a small group with a few elders, we sang the First Noel. It turned out pretty I think :) if you can see this friend of mine STJ Jacob on Facebook, he had a video of it there! And it was so fun-- a ton of people from Dover came! Like Alexiz, Noe, Yalily, all the Sanchez family, and even Salvador!! It was the BEST to see them again :) seriously SO MUCH JOY. 

Anyway, this week was super crazy. Lots of things. But we're safe and alive and my companion is the best in the whole world :) I'm so happy!
I love you all SO MUCH. The Lord is blessing us so much and providing for us in every way. He and Sister Holguin are taking good care of me :) 

Hermana Millington 

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