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Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!! - October 31, 2016

Building houses - what's up?
Hey family!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! This week was a pretty good one. We spent nearly all our free time trying to find the less-actives in our ward! We've got TONS. And we found quite a few! Woo! So we're hopeful we can pick up some good work with them and get some help from them in finding some investigators to teach. And today has been good so far! We watched some guy get cuffed outside the laundromat, so that was pretty exciting. Hahaha! This laundromat is crazy, you guys: chipmunk murders and arrests like no body's business. Crazy stuff. And tonight we have early curfew because it's Halloween. So we have to be in our apartments by 6. All day P Day!! Haha just kidding :) We have some good online proselyting to do, as well as making phone calls and setting appointments. So we'll have a good busy night, I'm sure! And I'm working on this rad spreadsheet for our less-actives, so it'll be nice to have some time to update that and get it full of people and things.

So this week! I can't believe Sether is actually gone! I thought a lot about him on Tuesday. It's super fun to think about my first week at the MTC. I was actually reading my journal and study notebook from then the other day! Man, I was so dumb. And my Spanish! Hahaha let's just say I've come a long way. But it's super fun for me to think about his teachers and his companion and his district and what he's eating and where he's walking and what he's learning and all that good stuff. I love that place so much!! And I'm sure he's loving it there, too. 

On Tuesday we had Family Time (a mini-zone meeting) in the morning, and I gave a training about emulating Christ in all we do. Including chewing with our mouths closed. Haha! I think it went alright! But President and Sister Taggart walked in half-way through and that was a little stressful.. But ya know! I think it was okay! Then we had district meeting and talked about returning and reporting. We talked about how it's an eternal principle. Something I learned form Preach my Gospel during that meeting was that we'll all stand before our Heavenly Father someday to be judged for what we became because of the opportunities He's given us in this life. It hit me that this mission I have has the potential to be truly life-changing. And it has been already! But I know there's even more I can and should be doing to be making the most out of this time. So I'm working on that! I'm getting better! Then, while I was playing prelude for a meeting called Fundamentals that we had with President Taggart after lunch, he shook hands with Sister Gibson sitting right in front of the piano. It was really sweet, they both got a little emotional as he told her how much she's changed in the last almost-year since she went home. I got a little teary watching it, I'm so proud of her. She really had a tough first-mission (haha) but had amazing determination to do all she could to get back out here. I've never seen anyone appreciate their mission like Sister Gibson. She truly is an amazing missionary and I'm so blessed to be her companion. 
That night we were teaching Salvador at the chapel and we had to pick apart some pretty gnarly verses in 1 Nephi 13 about the Gentiles and America and all this stuff. And then, out of the blue, he asked "I forgot. Where were were before this life? And where do we go when we die?" Haha so we found some chalk and drew out the Plan for him! But I don't know what happened, I kept forgetting words! So dumb. So he probably thinks we don't know anything. But that's fine. Haha! But we taught him again a little later in the week with Hermano Abreu and I think answered some of his other questions. He has some really good ones! And it was really awesome to have Hermano Abreu there to help answer. He was actually the one that baptized Salvador just a couple years ago! But yeah, Salvador is doing awesome. And he came to church on Sunday! Woo!! After so many months of trying to get him there, he really came! The Book of Mormon is so powerful, people. It changes lives. 

On Wednesday morning we had a good adventure when we went to Safelight (Safelight repair, Safelight replace) and got our windshield fixed! No more giant crack! Woo! Then we had lunch and some studies at home. We were about to leave the house, and Guillermina called us.. She asked where we lived.. haha we weren't sure what she was asking, though, but then she said she'd call back in a minute! So she called back, and was like "hey sisters! I'm outside your house!" Haha what?? So we went out, and she'd brought us lunch!! We'd had an appointment with her that day, but couldn't make it because of our windshield. But she brought us food anyway! Isn't that the nicest thing ever? She's the best. And she came to church yesterday again as well! Yay reactivation!! Then we served at Bristol Glenn and Helen creamed me in Connect Four. Dang. Then we made some thank-you cookies for some members that had helped us throughout the week and took them to them. It was fun! And we found a few more less-actives today, as well! We're working on short, powerful, 15 minutes messages, and our faith and diligence paid off! So we're hopeful we can keep working with those families and bring them closer to the Savior. 

When we were serving at the Restore on Thursday we were in the lighting department, cleaning and putting together some light fixtures. We met this nice guy, Frank, who had some really awesome questions for us! We were able to explain what our proselyting is and what our purpose is, as well as what a prophet is and why he's important. He'd taken some comparative religion classes at his high school, so he knew a little about "the Mormons" but it was cool to talk to him. We meant to give him a pass-along card, but he ran to the office and never came back :( But we have faith, we'll see him again! 

Friday was a good day as well! We went to Marlene's house this morning and read the BOM introduction with her. She had some really awesome questions as well! We were able to explain all about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how they're different people and places, but the same doctrine of Christ. When we read the part about how we can know if it's true by the power of the Holy Ghost, she got a little skeptical.. She asked "okay, but.. how do I know what the Holy Ghost is or if he's talking to me?" BOOM Galatians 5:22-23. We talked about how it's feelings of love, peace, joy, etc. and she was like "that makes so much sense! I totally agree! I've been wondering for years what those feelings were, I never knew if they had a name. But now I know it's the Holy Ghost!" It was so cool! Then we went and helped build those houses! Seriously the coolest service ever. This week we used some foam crazy stuff to clog up some cracks up in the roof! We were all up on ladders and sitting on the beams and all that good stuff. Good adventure for sure! That night I had a skype lesson with Hermana Pace and Jesse Vega that went really well! I love Jesse. She's doing so well these days. She's reading and praying again, we're so happy for her! And we're going to see if they'll get along with the new missionaries they have down there. They're these two darling little Mexican sisters and we think they would be really good for them! It's funny that like 7 months later I'm still working with the Vega family.. I'm so excited for them to get baptized someday :)

Saturday we went to a baptism where I played the piano forEVER, but it all went well! It was for this little girl, Aulani. Her family just moved here from Mexico a couple months ago, and her dad was just baptized about 7 months ago. So cool! They're a darling little family. Then we had our ward halloween party! Woo! We had a little trunk-or-treat at the chapel with hotdogs and candy and all that good stuff. We had a fun time there, there was a pretty good turn-out! Then after hanging out there for a little bit, we got to work! We had a few lessons during the last couple hours of the night and it was way awesome! We met a couple members we'd been trying to see and that was a huge blessing. One family was really sweet--right when we came in they said they weren't going to come to church, but they didn't mind if we visited. So we talked about things and shared a video, and they sent us out with water bottles, crackers, tangerines, and oranges! They were so kind! We also had a family (zone) conference call that Hermana Gibson conducted over the phone! She did so good. I love that girl. It's crazy that we'll be together for another 5 weeks! Yay! I feel like one transfer just isn't enough to REALLY get to know your companion. But I really truly love her. 

Yesterday was pretty bomb diggity as well! We had a few of our people at church, and that was great! Including Silverio, whom we hadn't seen in a long time! That punk. But he was there and seemed good :) Hopefully we'll get to see him this week! Then after church we did some studies and went out to find some people! We found a cute little family that hasn't come to church in a while and that was good. Then we went to the Montenegro family home for dinner! We had this delicious Chili from Guatemala with a ton of vegetables. It was so good!! And we talked about their family and their goals and tried to help them see the necessity of unity and love and helping each other within the family.

I'm incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to serve and love the people here. I'm in no way a perfect missionary, but I'm trying to improve every day. And I'm trying to come closer to my Savior and rely on His strength and His perfection to make my efforts enough. I know that He knows and loves us. He sees what we do and He wants to help. He's waiting with open arms, we just have to meet him there. I really do want to change, and I pray every day that He will change me--make me more humble, a better listener, a stronger missionary. And I know that He will. Surrendering myself and my will is the smartest, best thing I can do.

I love you ALL so much! I think about you and pray for you all the time. Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers coming from home. 
Have a fantastic, miracle-filled week!
Sister Millington

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