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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Half-way there and living on a prayer... November 7, 2016

Hey family! This week was super crazy.. I hardly got to work in my own area! But it was super awesome. I can't believe I'm almost half-way! This week! I'm getting OLD. Too bad I still don't have any idea what I'm doing! lol 

On Tuesday, we had all our good missionary meetings. They all went well, not much to report there. I love our zone family though, they're all awesome. We went bowling last Monday and that was super fun! Although I scored a 53.. you can disown me if you want.. hahaha. But the second round I got an 87! Woohoo! At least I didn't get last either time, that was the goal :) anyway, after all our meetings we went and met this referral from the English elders, Carlos. He is so awesome!! He speaks really good English, so our 15 minute lesson with him was pretty Spanglish. But it was sweet--he wants to change his life and start over so bad! We shared a video with him and got an appointment to come back and teach him and his wife. We're excited and hopeful! Then we went to see this sweet sister from the ward, Carmen Almeida, who fed us lunch. She's from Ecuador and her food was delicious! And her house is on this p

retty little lake, it was so cute. That night we had a lesson with Noe that went pretty well! He's thinking about going on a mission--wouldn't that be so cool!? He would learn and grow SO MUCH. And he's only 23, he's still got time! Woohoo! 
Manhattan temple

On Wednesday we went to the Manhattan temple! That was so awesome. We ended up having to wait for a couple missionaries at the Englewood chapel where we all met, so we played some fun games. Then we took a bus to the subway station. On the way there I talked to this girl named Kathleen who was super cool and from Oregon! Unfortunately I didn't have a Book of Mormon in English to give her.. but! Pass-along cards work too! Then we took the subway right to the Lincoln Center and came out of the ground right in front of the temple! We went straight in and had a wonderful session. There was a special spirit there with so many missionaries in such a holy and beautiful place. I loved it. 
After our session, we went out on the streets for some lunch! Most of us went to this Gyro stand and got some yummy gyro platter things. We sat and ate and lo and behold, these two elders walked by! Haha and one of them knew one of our elders there! Small world, right? So cool. We also met some cute NY sisters outside the temple while waiting to get everyone gathered up again. 
We went to the subway and all went well, until we emerged and started walking to the bus station. We ended up pretty near Times Square, but we walked the wrong way! So we had to turn around and go back. As we walked across a street to the next corner, this guy standing there was like "hey, it's the missionaries!" And started high-fiving us. I high-fived him and was like "wait! Wow! Hey, I know you!!" And we both just kind of looked at each other for a second, and then he looked down at my name tag, and was like "wow!! What?!" And I was like "I know! Hi! Can I take a picture with you?!" Haha so we took a couple pictures and I told him to text them to Matt. He asked what we were doing waltzing around Times Square, so we told him it was a zone temple trip. We were in a little bit of a rush so we couldn't talk for long, but oh man. It was CRAZY. I just couldn't believe it all day!! Tender mercies, folks. Home isn't too far away :) 

Look who bumped into us in NYC after going to Manhattan temple
Todd Schwartzman!!!
But then we finally made it to the bus station, and our bus wasn't in service... sooo we had to wait around for about half an hour for another bus to come! Haha that was pretty interesting. We were hoping to get back to our area at like 3, but we made it back at like 6:30. It was crazy pants. But! Such a wonderful day :) so I hope Todd sent those pictures to Mattress and y'all got to see that! It was way funny. I still can't believe it. 

On Thursday we went and served at Ellis Island! Not much news this time, but I met someone from Germany, Holland, and Lebanon. Sweet, right? I love that place. Except that it took us almost THREE HOURS to drive home. Let me just tell you, I'm going to be a professional driver by the time I leave this place. The driving here is loco. Anyway, we got home pretty late, so we went and met with our awesome Bishop Haro and then did a little weekly planning. And died because we were so tired. 

On Friday we served in the morning building houses! Woo! We did the foam stuff in the roof cracks again, so we were climbing all over the place up there. So cool! Except bad news: I got that nasty foam stuff all over my arm and my favorite pair of jeans :( why did I wear them to the construction site? I don't know. I'm so dumb. But we went to the mall this morning and I got some new jeans. So merry Christmas to me! Speaking of, I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS HOLY COW. Anywayssss then we went to the Morristown chapel and met sister Troconis and sister Pace there and exchanged! I had such a fun weekend in Morristown! It was the first time ever leaving my area for an exchange, and Sister Troconis' first time ever staying in her area! It was fun to be back together with my ex-comp for a couple days, she's so awesome :) we had a ton of great lessons with some cool people. We had one funny lunch appointment where this one member was trying to tell us the Word of Wisdom came out after she'd gotten baptized.. awkward.. but it was sweet! I also went to Carlo's Bakery on Saturday! We got delicious chocolate cupcakes that we ate after doing seaweed masks Saturday night. Ya know, like Sisters do. Haha! It was really fun. We were crazy busy literally running all over the place, but that's my favorite! And I learned a lot from Sister Troconis. She really is an amazing missionary. So I'm hoping to help our area with some more effective and focused planning and studies. If we have no foundation and no plans for what we're doing, we'll be lost and confused and that's never fun! So we're excited to implement some new things here in Dover and see some growth and success (: 

Yesterday I went to the Morristown branch (it was a 48 hour exchange) and it was so cute! I love the people there. Then we came back and switched back. We got back right when church was getting out in Dover, so we both got to see everyone. It was pretty funny, people were a little confused to see Sister Troconis and I walking around together again after seeing Sister Pace and Sister Gibson there.. but it was really sweet to see everyone :) I love our little ward! Then we went to the Haro's house for dinner and that was awesome. Bishop made this delicious steak! It was almost as good as home. Almost ;) haha but that family is amazing. They are so sweet and so kind to us. We joke around and talk about church and our people and everything and they really make us feel part of the family. We're blessed to have them invite us over so often. 

Anyways, this week has been really crazy! But it's been really good. Lots of different experiences! And this coming week we have zone meeting  Tuesday and then interviews with President Taggart Friday! Woo hoo! But luckily we'll have some time to breath and actually get to work in Dover :) 

I love love love you! Have a fantastic week! 

Hermana Millington  

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