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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Welcome to NJ, President Hess!! - July 10, 2017


We heard the ice cream truck when we were at their house and the kids
got really excited so Sis. Calix bought us all ice cream :) yum!
This week was a good one for sure! Having PDay on tuesday totally threw me off.. But it's okay! It was a really fun day. But poor Sister Hopson got kind of sick that night, and then we didn't plan very well, and then the Cutlers decided not to go out to see fireworks, so we didn't either. Haha ah well. We celebrated with some chocolate ice cream and some coloring pages. It was nice to wind down and rest. There are plenty more forfa julais in my life to party hard!

Wednesday we had our zone conference with the Hess'! It was awesome. We got there at noon when zone 3 was finishing their zone conference and going to lunch, and we all ate together. It was really fun to see Sister Gaytan and Sister Virgin and eat with them. They're awesome sisters. Then we took some group pictures and headed into our conference! The Hess' are really great. They actually just got married like four years ago! Crazy, right? President's first wife passed away from cancer and Sister Hess was single until they got married, she was in her 50s I think. They're a really sweet couple and I love seeing how much love they have for all of us already. President is really different, but I love him a lot! I love how easy it is to approach him and talk to him. He's a really great people-person, but he also isn't down for any disobedience! Sister Hopson and I did a little musical number and I gave my "dying testimony." That was weird. That's the last time I'll have a zone conference, so the other "dying" sisters and I bore our final testimonies. I'm not sure what came out of my mouth really, but I know it's all true! That night a cool thing happened, we were walking down the street and talking about a lady we'd met a couple days before that hadn't come to the apt we'd set and wasn't answering our calls.. And then we walk around the corner, and BOOM There she was!! Marian! It was a really cool miracle. It's not a coincidence we ran into her TWICE! She's really humble and really sweet. So we set another appointment for later in the week. The Lord hears the prayers we say, even when they're "I wish we could find a way to get a hold of her." Super cool. 

cookies and books of Mormons
Thursday was Amber's birthday (she's 15!) and we went to see her on Friday. We searched all over Bergenline for like 20 minutes to find a little gift for her! And we ended up getting a cute little necklace. She loved it! We talked to her about her baptismal interview and she got really excited! We're excited, too :) She'll ace it for sure. That night we had 2 dinners in a row, accidentally, and S Hopson couldn't stomach it. Poor little tiny thing. She literally almost spewed all over the street. So we went home and took a rest so she didn't die. I felt to bad! But she's a trooper. And she loves these people so much! 

On Saturday we ended up having that appointment with Marian, and it was interesting. Haha! It took us a really long time to find her because I couldn't understand her very well over the phone and she was in this little tiny hidden park thing. And then she talked and talked and talked. And while we were teaching the Restoration, I was literally right in the middle of the first vision, she stopped me and said, "wait, why are there two people there? It's only one Jesus. God is just a spirit, right?" and we were like "um... no. So they both have bodies of flesh and bone, actually!" and she gave us this look like "wow, you guys are so dumb. you don't know God is just a spirit." Haha and then she was talking about the virgin Maria and Guadalupe (she's from Mexico, they love her there) and how they do miracles. Oh dear. So we tried to finish teaching it and stress that she just needed to pray and know for HERSELF these things are true, but she was pretty much falling asleep, so I don't know if she captured any of it. Hahaha oh man. But ya know what? We tried! and we have another appointment to see her this week so we'll do our best to explain everything then. Hahaha oh Marian. 
That night we had a really sweet appointment with this guy named Eduardo. He had called us wondering about English Classes, so we gave him the information and then explained that we're missionaries and do it as a service to the community. He asked if we could teach him about Jesus because "he needs Jesus in his heart." Haha so we'd been talking over facebook with him a little bit and he kept asking funny questions (I think I told you a little about him Tuesday last week!), and we finally set a time to meet him in person. We thought it was going to go really bad and he was just going to be excited to meet with a couple white chicks, but it went really well! He really wants to learn about Jesus Christ and how he can return to live with God again. He's already read a bunch in the Book of Mormon and is super excited to keep reading and learn more! And he also brought us juice, that was cool :) Haha but anyway, that was a miracle that the lesson actually turned out really well! Go Eduardo.

We walked down this street and saw this painting! This random guy was selling
it! So we asked him if he knew what it was, and he said he'd read the Book of
Mormon and thought our religion was beautiful! It was super cool! Hopefully
someone bought it and wonders what it is. And then the missionaries find them.
And then they get baptized. 

Yesterday was FULL of miracles as well! (including the miracle that 15 years ago little Clibby was born!!! <3)
So when we went to pick up Amber for church, her mom decided to come with us! That was awesome! Then as we were walking, we decided we might have to take the bus because we were running late. And guess what happened? We walked past a member's home RIGHT as they were walking out and getting in the car to go to church! So they gave us a ride! Hallelujah!! Then when we showed up, Mirtala, an old investigator, was there! And all the less-active families we've been working with! It was so awesome. Wow. Then during primary we had a good time learning about the wise and foolish man:) Then the third hour we taught Susan, the one that has been going to church for like three years and now feels she needs to get baptized. She's awesome! In an hour we were able to teach the plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, and temples and family history! Boom! She really knows a ton already, and her boyfriend is helping her out. It's funny, I don't really feel like she's our investigator, like it's kind of just obligatory for her to learn from us before she gets baptized. But it's awesome! It's cool we were put in her path right now and that she's so willing to take that step :) We're really excited for her! 
Then that evening we went to see Sandra and Edgar, some of my favorite people on the planet, and we showed up right as they were finishing dinner! So they fed us, too! And it was so good. The food was so healthy and Mexcian and they didn't stuff us! It was amazing. I have a new kind of cheese for us to try, but I don't know how easy it'll be to find it in Boise.. But anyway, we talked about forgiveness and repentance and they super opened up about their families. It was really cool. We have to come back and see them when we come visit. 

Anywayzzz, this week was a good one for sure :) I love being a missionary and I love being in Union City!! 

Have an AWESOME week, don't forget to look for all the miracles! 
Hermana Lexi

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