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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy Forfa Julai - July 3, 2017

Sorry I haven't been able to write and this email will be way short..
but today we had a zone barbecue and it was super fun! We went to a
park and had a little water balloon fight and all kinds of good stuff.
I love the other sisters in this zone- they're super sweet. It was fun to hang out :)
Zone 4 Sisters
July 3, 2017



This week has been really good! We've found a couple awesome new
people- one lady because Sister Hopson approached her with an English Class card! Woo! That's my girl. She's so awesome :) also Amber isprogressing super well, we taught her the word of wisdom and law of chastity the other day and she took it like a champ! Totally willing
to give up her Dunkin. Haha I love that girl so much. It's crazy to
think she's as old as Chloe- she's actually 3 days older!! Haha but
she seems so old and her problems are so real. I'm just so so glad we
grew up in a house with such loving parents and a foundation in the
gospel. Wow. But I'm excited for her to be baptized here in a few
weeks, it's going to be sweet!

We also met this guy, Eduardo, who is pretty funny. We mostly talk to
him over Facebook but hopefully we'll meet him in person
tonight.yesterday he asked us what God's name is and where He is. He
told us he wants to see Him. Oh Eduardo. Haha and he said "Jesus
Christ is a good guy. He's nice. I like Jesus Christ." Haha me too,
Eduardo. So that'll be interesting tonight!!

Other than that the work keeps moving along! We had a new
investigator, Rosa, at church this week and she really liked it! Also
a sweet sister who comes every Sunday (and who I thought was already a
member) came up to us after sacrament meeting and told us she wants
the lessons! We'll start teaching her on Sundays, she's super busy
during the week. But I honestly believe she could be so ready to be
baptized super soon! And she really wants to learn. So I'm excited
about that :) hopefully we get it done within the next 5 weeks!!....super cool miracle, though :)
waiting for a video lesson in the apartment


In other news, life is good :) poor sister Hopson's stomach is
adjusting to the absurd amounts of food were given most days, but we
eat really healthy in the home so it's okay! We attempted to make some
cookies for some members at the beginning of the week and I'll send
you a picture of how the first ones turned out... the second and third
pans were much better, I promise! Haha! I'm working on getting
everyone to teach me how to make their food from their country so I
can come home and cook for you guys :) some flautas and elotes and
tostones and pozole. And hopefully pupusas and baleadas! Those are
some of my favorites :) hehe if not, I'm sure they're on Pinterest and
I can just FaceTime whoever here and ask :)

I  love you guys! Have an awesome week!

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