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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Transfers! - October 17, 2016

When we're helping we're happy
 So here's the big news about transfers: I'm staying in Dover with
Sister Gibson! Woooo! Hahaha surprise!! :) I'm excited, it'll be
great! And we'll have thanksgiving here, so that'll be totally sweet!

So this week was good! The Elders in our ward had a baptism yesterday
and that was awesome! This 15 year-old Dominican guy, Benjamin, was
baptized. His dad is a member and was so happy to have his son finally
baptized :) it was way cool! And Elder Aybar, who just finished
training, is being moved to Perth Amboy. Sad :( I love that little
Dominican kid!! Also Alexiz got confirmed and ordained to the office
of priest yesterday as well! Super cool for him. We're trying help him
get going on his family history so we can go to the temple and do
baptisms with him soon. Wouldn't that be super cool??

Saturday was a good day! We went to see the chiropractor and that was
awesome. Then we were driving to try to find a referral in beautiful
Sparta, and ended up finding a Disney Princess instead! Haha her name
is Leah, and she takes care of the deer in the area! She's super nice!
We were driving by her back yard and saw this deer hanging out, so we
decided to stop and take some pictures. We started walking closer, and
noticed his back leg was all weird and his antlers were lopsided. We
were checking him out, and this lady walked out of her house! She came
Nehemiah the deer (over her shoulder)

over and talked to us and explained how she feeds this deer (Nehemiah)
and the other ones that pass by! She gives them apples and corn, and
they eat grapes right out of her hand! How cute is that?! We were
going to try and share something with her, but she saw our name tags
and was like "oh, you're those Mormons.. thanks, but I've got my own
religion and I'm very happy!" Haha so we didn't get to share the
gospel with our Disney Princess friend. But it's all good :) I'll send
the pictures!

I don't have a ton to say this week! We spent some time
looking for people in their homes and on Facebook, and met with some
of our investigators and less-actives. We're seeing the Lord's hand in
the little things and counting all our blessings :) Dover is an
amazing area and I'm so happy to be staying here a little longer! I
can't believe I hit 9 months this transfer, though.. isn't that
CRAZY!? Good thing I've still got nine more, I've got so much more to
learn and improve before I have to go back to that big scary world out

Ooh an important discovery we made this week: if you put
snickerdoodles that are a little old in the toaster for a second,
they'll soften right up and taste like new :) yum yum! Life lessons.

I love you and miss you all! I'm bummed I missed a good party last
night, I'm sure it was awesome! Good luck to all y'all helping Sether
get ready to go! I'm glad to hear things are all going well back home. I know the Lord is watching over and blessing all of you.

I love you!
Hermana Millington

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