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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Alexiz Got Baptized!!! - October 10, 2016

That awkward moment when your investigator doesn't know he shouldn't put his arm over your shoulder and the ward mission leader is giggling taking pictures of you.

Alexis and Alexiz

Hey family! I hope this week was good at home! It was a crazy crazy
week here in Dover. But so awesome :) and sorry this email is so late,
as a zone today we went to High Point, the highest point in New
Jersey! It was so beautiful to look out and see all the trees! Mostly
green, with some red and yellow sprinkled here and there :) I'll see
if I have some good pictures to send of that!

So Alexiz got baptized yesterday! It was an amazing experience to be a
little part of his journey. We taught him nearly every day, because he
still had so much to learn at the beginning of the week! We taught the
Word of Wisdom Monday night, and he hasn't had coffee since! Haha he
was pretty shocked to hear it, though. I guess his family business
back in Honduras is making coffee, so that was kinda tough to
understand a little bit. But he's so awesome. He had a bad headache
all week from not drinking coffee, but each time we asked him about it
he said "I know it's a commandment from God, so I have to do it!" We
had a great lesson with him and Bishop Haro on Thursday night and
Bishop helped explain more about why we don't drink coffee. Then when
we asked about it the next day, he was all "he was totally right.
They're going to come out with some study in like 10 years saying
coffee is bad for you. I just know it. And the church already knows!"
It was so awesome :)
So we had the baptism on Sunday and everything
went really well! We took tons of pictures, had some talks, a little
musical number, and then went to the font to have the baptism. The
first time he was baptized, he like.. bent his body all weird going
down and then went way limp and Elder Mendoza had a hard time bringing
him back up! Someone thought he hadn't gone under the whole
way, so they paused for a minute--just long enough for us to run up
and tell them they didn't use his full name! So they had to do it
again, and the second time it was a success!! He got a little tears
after, it was really sweet :) he also bore his testimony after and
that was way cool. We hadn't really talked to him about what to say
(oops), but he did it so perfectly! Talked about Joseph Smith and the
Book of Mormon, cosed in the name of Jesus Christ and everything! Such
a proud mama moment :) but it was really cool to watch him change
throughout the week. He totally came out of his shell (to the point
that when we were filling out the baptismal records and I jokingly
said "okay, the name of your wife?" He said "umm maybe... you?" Hahaha
*facepalm) and I saw a light come to his countenance. He was so ready
and so excited to be baptized. I realized this week, though, how small
my part in all this is. It was all between Alexiz and his Heavenly
Father! We taught a few things, but he had to act and grow and rely on
His Savior to help him change. And we were so blessed to have the
members so involved in the baptism as well. A bunch of people came to
support him and welcome him to the ward--many of whom hadn't really
met him before! It was all-in-all just a beautiful experience. We were
so blessed to be a part of it.

Other than that, this week was great! On Wednesday we spent a couple
hours in the morning around the train station and a couple later in
the park and on the Main Street here in Dover-Blackwell. It was fun! I
haven't been able to do solid contacting like that for a while--we've
been so blessed with appointments! But we talked to a TON of people
and gave out tons of Book of Mormons! It was really awesome. But also
overwhelming! Now we have even more people to love :) but I know that
I'm not alone at all--I've got my Sister Gibson and I have the Savior
to make what we do enough.

We had a rough lesson with one of our investigators this week about
the Law of Chastity.. and he's living with his girlfriend and their
son.. and I don't know what we could have done any better, but it
didn't settle super well with him... so pray for him..

On Friday we had zone conference! Woo! We got a lot of trainings of
being proactive in "returning and reporting." They were all uplifting
and great! Zone conference is always awesome. I helped out with the
musical number, and we had a good time. We have some really sweet zone
leaders and assistants right now. And of course, our stellar STL's :)

We had a cool experience on Friday as well, when we were teaching a
new guy we'd found in the park. We were just sitting at a table
talking about the restoration and stuff, and this recent convert, Noe,
rode by on his bike. Without a second thought, he totally shook our
hands and plopped himself down into the lesson! We involved him right
away and it was awesome! He's so great and so excited to share he
gospel. Alexiz is one of his good friends, so he was way excited for
his baptism too :) we hope to get them both to the temple for some
baptisms soon!

Anyways, this week was awesome. Crazy. But awesome :) I'm SO BLESSED!!
After so many prayers that Alexiz would turn up somewhere and his
heart would be softened enough to really be baptized and complete this
step, he finally did! And I have faith that he'll stay strong. I don't
worry too much about him :) and he has so much love and support in the
ward. They'll be good to him. And the Elders have another baptism for
the ward next week! Woo! This 15 year old Dominican named Benjamin.
He's super nice--his dad fed us mangu that one time. We're excited!

I love you guys so much, and I can't wait to bring you back here
someday to meet all these amazing people I love so much! I'll send Mom
some pictures :)

Have a good week, have fun at Sethers farewell! Take lots of pictures!
Get that turkey to send me a video before he leaves :) it's going to
be the best day EVER when he comes home and we can all be together and
eat fancy cheese on Sunday. And then he and I can talk Spanish about
you guys ;) hehe! But really, I couldn't be more excited for Seths
mission. I have no doubt it's the second best in the whole world :)
our missions will be pretty different I think, but I know it'll be
amazing. I'm SO EXCITED. I can't even stand it. So cool :)

love you guys!
Hermana Lexi

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