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Friday, August 5, 2016

Wecome to Dover--EAT ALL THE FOOD - August 1, 2016

Holy cow, guys. This is crazy over here.

So we showed up in Dover on Tuesday, and we have the loveliest apartment! It's actually the bottom floor of a house, and the landlord lives upstairs. They are super nice and quiet and they gave us their wifi password! Woo! But the house is way nice and big and beautiful and clean. But we only had a few things of Ramen, some water bottles, some beans, and some cereal when we got here.. Haha so we went shopping for some food and unpacked. We met with the elders that night and got the low-down on the area. There are about 5 new investigators the sisters had, so we'll be picking those up, but that's it. We're starting pretty much from scratch! So this week has been super interesting and a little tough, to be honest. I just don't know what I'm doing at all. It's a little overwhelming and stressful and I just feel super inadequate.. But I know that this is where the Lord needs me. There's things I need to learn from the people and Sister Troconis, and there's someone here somewhere that needs me too!! 

Sis. Troconis "hammering" in nail
Also, Sister Troconis is AWESOME. She's from Venezuela, but she lived in Utah for about a year and a half before her mission, so her english is way good. But it's kind of funny, she's still learning english so she wants to talk in english all the time.. But I'd rather we talked in spanish all the time because that's what I'm learning.. But either way, she's helping me a ton! She's way good with the people, and she's a very experienced missionary. And this isn't her first time opening an area, so she knows a little about what she's doing! Anyway, she's super awesome. She's beautiful and so smart and so committed and so diligent. I'm lucky to have her as my companion here. 

We had a pretty crazy lesson with a new family this week, the Hernandez. The elders have been teaching them, but they're in our area, so we'll be taking over. But they came with us for a hand-off lesson, and they'll keep coming a few times I think. Hno Hernandez really likes them. Anyway, we taught about prophets and dispensations and things, but it got pretty off-rails. But Hna told us that she was going through a really difficult time right now. So we all knelt in prayer together to invite the Spirit to be with us more so we could know what we could to for her, and that was cool. After that, she was crying and expressing how she felt like God was with her. She said she'd prayed that morning and she'd felt God tell her that she would receive the answer and the help she was looking for. She totally felt the Spirit, and knew that what we were saying was that answer. She was pretty emotional, so we made sure to give lots of hugs after the lesson (after she'd made us hamburgers haha). So I'm excited to go back and see that family and see what can come of it! 

We got to know the area boundaries a little bit, but that was kind of tough.. So I'm in the Dover Ward, and our area goes all the way to the top of New Jersey! So I went from the southern-most, to the northern-most parts of the mission. And this is the biggest area! But there are most hispanics in a couple towns pretty close to us, so that's nice. We spent a lot of time trying to find people and meet with them, and we met some really awesome people! A couple investigators and a ton of members. We made lots of plans for finding (doing a table stand on the street, inviting to musical FHE things, etc.) that I'm really excited about. Our ward mission leader, Hermano Sanchez, is super awesome and I'm excited to work more with him! He gave us a whole list of people to see. 

Last night was rough. Oh man. We came home from church and got our Facebooks up (!!!!!), and then we spent the rest of the night eating dinner. Literally. Three back-to-back dinner appointments. From the Bishop to the RS President, to the Ward Mission Leader. And these lovely hispanic people, they just LOVE to pump us full of food. We came home and literally just laid on the ground for about twenty minutes. We couldn't do anything. Hahahaha! It was way rough. So I ate some yummy peruvian chicken and ice cream, the biggest steak of my life (8,000 pounds), and lots of rice and tortillas. On our way to the third dinner we felt like we were driving to our deaths. But we survived!! I still haven't really eaten anything today, and I probably won't until our dinner appointment tonight!!

Church yesterday was awesome! It was pretty overwhelming to try to meet everyone and know their names and everything. The ward here was probably 70-80 people yesterday, which seems like a ton to me! I'm used to like 25! But there's a lot of families with kids and youth, so that's pretty fun! Way different! Everyone was really happy to have us there, and they seem really loving and really organized. There are a few ward missionaries that I've heard are really helpful with the work. So we're excited to actually have people to teach so they can help us! 

Anyway, this week hasn't been super easy, but it's been super awesome. And we're excited to keep hitting it hard this coming week! We'll be visiting less-actives and finding like crazy! I just love being a missionary :)

Also FACEBOOK! So I have that now. CRAZY. I've gone through and made some things private and done what I have to, so now I can start using it as Hermana Millington! I'm friends with some missionaries now, and some people from my last area. That Margarita Lopez lady? She's the Maria of Maria and Antonio. They are so dang sweet. I went and said goodbye to them and to the Vegas on Monday night and we all totally cried. I love those families. Anyway, I'll be able to keep in touch with them better now! So we'll start adding all the members and investigators (when we have some) and everything, and that'll be super awesome. We can have group chat lessons and video calls when people can't make it to appointments or when they don't have a lot of time. We'll be able to have daily contact with our people better, and see what's going on in their lives. We'll be able to reach a lot more people through the posts we make and encouraging members to post and message their friends. There are a lot of people these days that feel a lot more comfortable expressing themselves on facebook chat (isn't that sad? But so true), so that'll make it easier to connect with people, too. It'll take a lot of training and some discipline, but I'm excited about it. As a mission, I think this will really help us. So you'll be able to see things I post and what-not! And if you spoke Spanish, you could even help in some teaching situations! Maybe Seth can in a little bit, he needs to download duolingo ;) But yeah! I'm online!
ALSO I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT SETH'S MISSION CALL!!! I've told practically everyone. I need to find someone from Chile and ask them about it.. But Sister Troconis said it's awesome down there!! Definitely a different place than Boise, Idaho. And his spanish will probably end up better than mine. Haha but it'll be SO FUN to be able to talk in Spanish together for the rest of forever :) Thank you for sending the updates and pictures and everything!! I totally flipped out when it all came in . You guys are the BEST! 

I love you with all my heart!!
Hermana Millington

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