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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Baleadas and Mangu - FINALLY! - August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016
Hey family!! So this week I finally got to eat Baleadas and Mangu, which I've wanted to eat for the last six months! So yay! Baleadas are a Hondurian food with eggs, beans, cheese, meat, and avocado in a really thick tortilla that's eaten kind of like a burrito. Mangu is mashed up plantains with onions. We had it "cuatro golpe" style, which means we had salami, sausage, fried cheese, and egg with it. It was so good! We also had a typical Mexican chicken--just a chicken leg floating in some spicy green stuff, with rice, beans, and tortillas. Oh man, this ward is WAY too good at feeding us! That's probably why I've been sick for the last three weeks.. Haha!

Anyway, this week was way good! We went on a beautiful hike again on Monday, this time with the Sanchez family. Hermano Sanchez is our ward mission leader, and we went with his wife (who is the funniest lady ever) and a few of his kids. It was really awesome! That family is so sweet. We went to their house yesterday as well for that Mexican chicken. Hermana Sanchez is SO funny, but it's so hard because her and Elder Medoza speak Mexican to each other and the rest of us get lost. Even my companion from Venezuela can't always keep up! So I just laugh and pretend I know what's going on :) Hahaha

On Tuesday we went to dinner at the Ramos family home, which was lovely! We had some good steak with some rice and beans and fried plantains (are you noticing this pattern in what I'm eating? Haha). Their house is right on this beautiful lake, so they let us walk around and take some pretty pictures. There was a huge storm that blew in while we were there, though, and it was fun to watch the rain on the lake! We'll hopefully be going back again this Wednesday! 

Wednesday and Friday we go out to Bristol Glenn, this assisted living center, and volunteer. On Wednesday we are in Memory Care, where the people stay that have Alzheimer's dimensia. It was pretty interesting this week.. I was trying to be kind to this lady we were doing a puzzle with, and I reached out to pat her hand, and she reeled back and smacked me! Haha she only smacked my hand away, but her face looked so mad! I felt so bad! But it's okay. She doesn't remember.. :) We had dinner that night with Hermana Lefkaritis, who brought some yummy food to the church for us. She's really sweet and really willing to help with our missionary work! And the chicken, rice, and carmelized bananas were delicioso! 

After all our weekly planning on Thursday, we had an awesome lesson with Walter (a recent convert) and his two friends, Victor and Victor. We taught about the Restoration and it went really well! We were blessed to have Walter there to help us out and to bear testimony. He's so excited to share the gospel with his friends, it's really great. Then we sped-walked while eating watermelon back to the church and had a lesson with Silverio, another friend of a member! He's the one with the lady troubles. But we taught him yesterday (Sunday) again, and he's totally changed! He really wants to learn about the gospel and really loves it. He came to church and he knew a ton of people! He's had a lot of interactions with people from the church, and he feels like God has led him here finally. So that's pretty cool :) 

On Friday at service we played with dolls for a couple hours.. It was so hard. I totally forgot how to play with dolls! But the ladies were nice and we did our best! We also tried coloring, but we couldn't keep their attention very well. Anyway. Interesting times at Bristol Glenn. Then we went to Applebee's to get some wifi to talk to the Vega family over Skype! That was super awesome! Sister Pace and I were on and we talked about how they are and their reading in the Book of Mormon. We read together in 3 Nephi 11 an talked about how to apply that to their lives. Then we taught the Hernandez family! It was definitely different this time. The elders weren't there, and we were more firm about who we are and what we do as missionaries. We tried to make it really clear what our goal was for them. We also found out that Hna Hernandez can't read, so that's going to make it pretty tough.. But we watched the Restoration movie with them, which was really good. It kept their attention long enough and I think they really started to understand! Yay!!

Saturday afternoon we went to a Habitat for Humanity thrift shop and found some service! Woo! We also found some cute little scouts selling popcorn, so we got some really yummy carmel corn :) They were so cute! We took cupcakes to a couple members for their birthday and because their family is moving to the states, and that was pretty fun! We tried to find this guy, Rene, but we didn't have much success.. The guy behind door A said he lived in door B.. And the guy behind door B said he lived in door A... So bummer. That night we went to the church to have some Facebook lessons, and ended up fixing a toilet that was exploding. Haha! And then Sister Yalily came and took us out for baleadas with the elders! You probably saw the picture on facebook, it's so cute :) They were so yummy!!

Sunday was a crazy day. We had two investigators at church, and that was great! They both really enjoyed it and learned a lot. They're so awesome :) That night we went to a couple parties with the elders, and that was way fun! The first was with the Sanchez, and that was a blast. The second was with some member, Hermano De la Cruz, who's grandson turned 15! They're all from the Dominican Republic, so they made Mangu for us, and we had some yummy ice cream cake. But oh man, my stomach still hurts. I actually called Sister Taggart (our temporary mission nurse) about it yesterday, because I haven't felt super well in a few weeks. So we'll see what we can figure out about that.. But for now I'll just drink a ton of water and pray for the best!

This week was a little crazy, but it was so awesome! Time flies when you're having fun, and we definitely are :) This area is amazing and I love it so much! I'm doing better at letting go of my imperfections and weaknesses as a missionary and trying to look outward to the people I'm here to love and serve. The Lord has blessed us so much, and I know that as we continue being obedient and working hard, we'll be able to progress with the investigators we have and find new ones that are prepared! 

Love you with all my heart! 
Hermana Millington

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