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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Familia Mia! - June 6, 2016

The Hermanas
June 2016
Hola hola :)

So I totally forgot my journal like a noob today, but luckily I have a list of things I have to tell you about this week! It was really great! Nice and busy :) And oh man, we only had ONE person juke ALL WEEK. Isn't that incredible? It was amazing. Wow. So here's a few highlights from the week:

On Tuesday we taught Carlos, Carlitos, and Anthony. It was great! Anthony wasn't there the last time we taught, so we asked Carlitos if he would teach Anthony how to pray. He explained it, and Anthony was down to say the opening prayer if Carlitos would say the closing prayer. But they didn't quite understand what we meant.. Anthony opened "dear Heavenly Father... carlitos your turn" and Carlitos was like "thank you for this day... okay your turn" and on it went back and forth. Hahaha Sister Pace and I tried so hard to keep it together!! But it was adorable and really heart-felt, so we just told them when they were saying the closing prayer that usually one person says it.. But we taught about the Plan of Salvation and talked about baptism! They said they're all down to be baptized if they have to to be able to live with God in heaven. But then they said that this summer is going to be really busy for them.. So they might have to wait to get baptized until this fall.. NOOOOO. So we'll see what happens there. But we love them :)

On Thursday, we had dinner with an investigator!! It was awesome! Brenda and Pablo invited us over for enchiladas! But Brenda was still making them when we got there, so she brought out some juice and then turned on the television... And grabbed a movie from the other room... Sister Pace and I looked at each other with panic in our eyes and were like "umm... actually... we can't watch movies..." Hahaha it was a little awkward, but she was totally cool with it! But we spent like all of dinner talking about missionary life. Then they told us about their lives and their work and it was great. I love them a whole lot. They're reading and praying, but we aren't sure if they're really developing testimonies.. But we're able to meet with them pretty often, so we'll keep working with them! 

So we had been meeting with this really sweet lady, Norma, but the last time we saw her she told us she was going up to New York to get some second opinion on some operation because she was really sick. And then we never saw her again. No joke. We called all the time and visited like four times, and the note we wrote the first time was always still in its same place on her door. We thought for sure she died. But SHE CALLED US. Hahaha and the first thing she said was "I'm not dead yet!" And we were SO happy to hear it!! So we'll stop by sometime this week. But it was seriously such a miracle. A phone call from the spirit world.

On Saturday, we LEFT MISSION BOUNDARIES. But don't worry, President Taggart approved the trip :) And it was a matter of like going across the street. Haha! We went down to the Philidelphia mission for some service thing! Our district leader who serves down south invited us to come with and help! We had no idea what we were getting into.. But we drove down and were happy to be there! But we walked in and this guy walked up to Sister Pace and I and was like "hello, I'm going to eat my breakfast tomorrow." And we were like "oh! Good! Breakfast is good!" haha anyway, we ended up serving at some big place for adults who need 24-hour care. Mentally handicapped people live there, as well as some care-taker people and music therapy people. It was awesome! It was this little carnival thing and we worked the game with the mallets that hit a thing and a frog flies into the pond and if it lands on a lily pad you get a Frisbee! Or a hat. Or like five of each, whatever. But it was a really fun way to spend a few hours that afternoon! So many kind people. And they were blasting music, which was pretty tough.. It was like "Boogie Oogie Oogie" and some Stevie Wonder and some Michael Jackson. Oh man it was hard on my heart. But yeah! We got some fried chicken with the elders on the way home and it was great fun! 

And yesterday. Check it out. Last night we tried to see this guy Ramon at like 6, but he wasn't there. After going a couple other places and knocking some doors only to find rejection, we prayed to know if we should try to find Ramon again or go to another street to knock (it was about 8 at this point, we had an hour of work left). As we were praying, I got the impression that we should go see Ramon. So we went back to his house, but he STILL wasn't there. I was a little frustrated because I felt like I had actually received a spiritual prompting to go back to his house, and it didn't end up working out. So I prayed that the Lord would help me understand. But we decided to knock around his house. We walked across the street a little ways and saw a house with this grill out front that was smoking like crazy! It did not look safe! Haha but we knocked and found Juana! She said she didn't have time to watch a little video about Jesus with us because her family was all eating inside, but we got a return appointment for Saturday. We asked her what she was cooking, and she walked us over to the grill to show us! It looked and smelled AWESOME. And before we knew it, she'd invited us in for tacos! Haha so we walked in through their living room, and someone was watching a soccer game. We stopped to ask who was playing, said "woo go Mexico!!" and walked into the kitchen. There were like four people sitting at a table and like five kids running everywhere, and Juana brought chairs to the table for us! We got some meat, rice, and tortillas, and oh man. That meat. It was SO GOOD. There was also some cactus and some weird seed thing we ate. Haha the food was awesome! But the best part about it was that no one even second-guessed us being there. Her whole family was totally chill with a couple white chicks joining them for tacos! It was too funny. We talked a little bit about what we do as missionaries, gave them a pamphlet, and said we would be back Saturday! We were so bummed we hit curfew, we could have stayed and had an entire lesson with them so easily. Haha it was so awesome!! Such a miracle. The Lord is definitely looking out for us :) 

It's been a really awesome week! Nice and busy and productive. Sorry I don't really have any pictures to send home.. But I love you all and I think of you and pray for you all the time :)

All my love!
Hermana Millington

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