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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Welcome to Englewood, Sister Gaytan! -- April 10, 2017


Some of my favorite people EVER. Sister Smith and Hettinger are companions in
Morristown, and Sister Hettinger was Sister Gaytan's trainer! So cute.
This week has been a really good one :) but oh man. So
tiring. Those are the best kinds of weeks :) here's some good

Tuesday I picked up sister Gaytan and dropped off Sister Allen.
Transfers are the BEST. I love seeing all my buddies and singing our
mission song :) so fun! And sister Gaytan is awesome! She's from
Mexicali, the border with California. But her family has lived in Cali
for the last 4 years. Also her birthday is on Wednesday :) she got
baptized 3 years ago with her mom and older brother, and is just
waiting on her dad and younger brother. She's been in the mission 11
months. And she thinks I'm funny. Haha!! Score!! Finally! She
seriously never stops laughing! We had a super great week together and
I know it's going to be an awesome transfer :)

Thursday she had the new leader's meeting in Morristown, so I went
over to S Smith's apartment with Sister Moss (who's companion is a
newly-called STL down in Tom's River-- I ❤️ that place). We made some
pancakes and I tried to make one in a NJ shaped cookie cutter and it
failed. Haha!  Then we saw the twins, Victor and Daniela.
 They're awesome! They want to get baptized but they have
sports on Sundays :( so we aren't sure what to do.. Then we saw some
members that night that gave us a couple referrals and said they'd
invite some other friends to church for Easter! Woo!

Friday we had some weekly planning because we didn't get it done
Thursday, but we didn't finish Friday either. Haha you know how it
goes. But we were out on the street that evening and we were talking
to this guy and when we finished S Gaytan was like "don't walk that
way. Come this way." And so I followed her, and she was like "there's
some guy who was staring at us over there and then when we started
walking he started walking.." so we casually walked into the Arabic
meat store across the street. Crisis averted :) also delicious cookies
bought. Yum. Then on our way home we met some funny Jamaican guy that
didn't stop talking! Hahaha Good times in the street. That's where all
the good stories come from.

Saturday we had Mission Leader Council (MLC). And it went really well!
Really tranquilo! I got to sing the post-lunch musical number, I'll
send the video to mom :) then this Elder that was giving a training
right after got up and said "thank you Sister Millington, your voice
is like a blanket..." haha it was pretty awkward and funny. Good guy,
though. Ha! We then got some bailadas with Jared and talked about Alma
5. We preached repentance hard core. Good stuff. Then we talked to
Jorge over FB video call and he's doing well :) he said when he knows
it's true he'll be baptized and he wants to come to church, he just
has to figure out how to get a Sunday off.

Sunday we went to our ward council and that went well, and then we
drove to Elizabeth for a baptism of a Sister Gaytan's investigator!
They found him through FB. Sweet, right? And sister Pace was there
too, because she taught him, so that was fun to see her. I was able to
help and play piano and that was cool. I love to serve :) we ate some
tamales on the way back and I decided I don't like driving in New
Jersey. I'd already decided that, but I decided again. This place is
loco. But we actually saw some really stellar people that afternoon-
we took Jared cookies for his birthday, we saw Hermana Estevez (who
gave us saltines with butter. So Dominican.), then the Mendoza family
that is crazy and super Mexican and I love, and then Patricia and
Michael! Patricia's phone has been super dumb lately and she's been
working a lot because she's going to be DR for spring break at the end
of the week, so we hadn't been able to see her for a long time. It was
really rough, actually. But I'm so happy they were home and we got to
talk to them :)

So listen. I started this Book of Mormon challenge, but I had a lot of
meetings this week and didn't have a lot of personal study..  but I'm
trying! It's also Spanish so it has 100 more pages! But I'm determined
to do it:) the Book of Mormon is the BEST.

Anywayzzzz life is good out here :) we made yummy cookies this week,
but we didn't eat dinner a lot because we were so busy. So I ended up
having 9:30 cereal a couple times. Haha mission life. But I really am
super happy and everything is good :) I know I'm doing the best i can
and the Lord is making up for the rest. I'm getting a lot better at
talking to everyone and Sister Gaytan is helping me a lot! She's a
great contacter. I have a lot of faith we'll see miracles this week :)

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