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Friday, July 8, 2016

Watermelon and Chicken Hearts - June 27, 2016

So this week! It was pretty darn great! We had some awesome lessons with some new, great people!

On Tuesday we did some p-day things and then worked that evening. We
had a lesson with Carlos and Carlitos and taught them the Word of
Wisdom... Carlos decided "it's hard to be a Mormon." Luckily
we had our branch mission leader, Hermano Ledezma, there with us, and
he explained that it's just different! But it's good! And we
encouraged him to read and pray, because that's the only way he can
know for sure for himself.

On Wednesday we did a bunch of service! It was awesome! We started out
at Norma's, helping her go through a ton of old medical files. Holy
cow. I never want to get old. But she told us all about her childhood
and how she had nothing growing up in Brazil. It's pretty crazy to see
the kind of life she's lived and where she's at now. I love that lady.
She's got a hard heart, but she needs some love. We're going with her
to help her at the flea market this Wednesday morning! That'll be fun
I think! That afternoon we started volunteering at People's Pantry. It
was awesome! It's this place where people can come once a month and
get a certain amount of cereal, beans, produce, meat, etc. for free!
It's a pretty tough process to qualify to shop there, I guess, but
it's pretty cool. So we help people walk around and get their stuff,
and we help clean up the store right before closing. THEN! Oh,
man. This lesson. We got his referral from Hermano Ledezma of this guy
named Rafael and his family. So we went to their house and just
knocked on the door to find them, and holy cow!! They are so prepared.
They are so awesome. It's Rafael and his wife Irene, and their two
kids, Kevin and Jacqueline. Don't let those names fool you, they are
Hispanic :) So we talked to them about the Book of Mormon and
Rafael was so down for it! He was so open to it! And he asked if we
had any that were easier for his kids to read! So we brought some
children's BOMs the next time :) but Kevin totally brought us
Popsicles and water bottles without his parents even asking! He was so
sweet! He's 7 1/2 and the CUTEST. Anyway, Rafael told us that he knew
God had sent him two angels to teach him something today because there
was something he needed to change in his life. He's pretty stuck on
the Bible and stuff, but I've got so much faith. Plus he's already
friends with Ledezma and with another family in the branch, the
Aparicio's! How awesome, right?
Then. That night. We went to Hermana Esteban's for dinner and she fed
us CHICKEN GIZZARD AND HEART. Oh man. That was rough. I started eating
and I knew it was something funky, but I couldn't be all rude and not
eat it! I didn't finish (such bad manners) but I did my best. And
right before we left I asked her what it was. Hahaha shouldn't have
done that. But I choked down what I could! And she talked and talked
about the Jews and how everything they do and eat and buy is all
Kosher. Good stuff.
Thursday. Ugh. My first sick day :( it wasn't even that bad! Just some
nausea and exhaustion kind of stuff. But Sister Smith made me take a
nap after weekly planning and we stayed in for the night. I slept for
a while while she cleaned the apartment, and then we sorted through
some stuff and that was it. I felt so bad that we didn't go out and
work, it was the worst. I will never be sick again!!! And poor Smith
was just trying to be all nice and take care of me and I was just
frustrated that I couldn't do anything. She's good to me

Friday was great, though! We had the other sisters (Hale and Vanhoven)
over for lunch and that was fun! Turkey sandwiches and a fruit
smoothie :) then we did a less-active cookie run and saw a couple
people! We went to Cherry St and found a couple people and taught them
about the Book of Mormon. My favorite thing EVER is to give people
Book of Mormon's. And if they don't read or don't meet with us,
they'll still have it! And someday, when they need it and are ready
for it, it's there. Anyway! I also met my first Jehova's Witness and
that was aight! He was a nice guy, he just talked to us out of his
second-story window. Then we went back to see
Rafael and Irene with Hermano Ledezma! We taught the restoration and
it all went well! We encouraged them to read and pray and know for
themselves :) and I have so much faith that they will and they'll come
to know! But right in the middle of the lesson, Rafael got up, walked
into the kitchen, and started cutting up a watermelon, and then
he brought it to us! All cut up and on this nice plate and everything!
That family is the BEST. And then when we were walking out, Irene
handed us a few peaches to take home! Oh, man. They're too good.

Saturday was loco. We discovered Friday night (thanks to Ledezma) that
our right break light was out, so our blinker wasn't working. We
called the car guy for the mission and he told us to get it fixed
ASAP. So after our English class (where they learned "beach" and
"sheet" hahaha), we went to Pep Boys. We were there for a couple hours
and it was hard to be very effective. But we made flyers that afternoon for our English class!

Sunday was great! Maria and Antonio were totally at church! Woooo!
They are the BEST. But in RS we learned all about temples and eternal
marriage, and in sacrament meeting they talked about tithes and
offerings. Soooo we'll have to go back and teach both those things
this week!  But the branch is actually getting excited about
helping us with missionary work! I think it's because they see us
working and bringing people to church and stuff! But they're asking
what they can do and they're accompanying us and we're actually
talking about it in branch council and it's awesome! Yay for
missionary work!! After eating and studies, we went out and found a
few people! We met this girl, Liliana, that is literally 3.5 feet
tall. She's sweet, though!

Anyway, all in all it was a good week :) watermelon and chicken
hearts, Pep Boys and being sick. Life is GREAT down here in T-Riv, I
couldn't be happier :) Sister Smith is the BEST and we're having such
a fun time! We're working hard and having fun and I'm learning lots!
I'm so blessed to be a missionary and serving here! I hope they keep
me here for the next 14 months ;)

 Keep reading the Book of
Mormon, it's the most important book ever written!! :)

Hermana Millington

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