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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day after the BEST Mother's Day EVER - May 9, 2016

Best Mother's Day gift EVER!!
(Matt was on the speaker phone with us)
May 2016
Well, you sillies, I don't really have a lot to say! I feel like I said it all yesterday and not much happened this week anyway!! Haha but it was a good one :)

I don't have too many great stories from this week, but the highlight was definitely skyping y'all yesterday! What a blessing. I don't even know how to put into words how happy it made me!! And thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a family prayer in spanish with you. My Spanish wasn't perfect, but I hope you felt my love and the love of our Heavenly Father. I definitely did. I could have talked to you forever and ever, I had so many things to say and so many things to ask! But good news: in 15 short months, we'll be able to talk FOREVER. I don't worry to much about you guys, I know you're in the Lord's hands. And we've got eternity to be together, so I'm happy to be away for a little while on the Lord's errand. Missionary life is the best life. Fully of day-old tamales and smelly shoes :) 

There was one awesome lesson we had with a sweet sister, Mina, this week. It was on Tuesday. This was the first time meeting with her, but we decided to talk about the  Plan of Salvation! We were teaching and everything was great, but she was being a little shy. She's never studied the Bible, but her parents were Catholic. So she believes in Christ and everything, but didn't really have answers to any of our questions (who is Christ to you? What do you think the purpose of life is? etc.). Anyway, we helped her out and taught and it was awesome. And I don't remember how we started talking about it, but we were talking about how the only way to know something is true is through the Spirit. We were explaining the fruits of the spirit (peace, joy, love, etc.), but how it's kind of hard to describe, but really real. And she was like "yeah, like right now!!" YES!! So we confirmed that it was the Spirit that was helping her feel "tranquilidad" and everything. It was so awesome. And she was really excited about reading the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet we left with her so she could know more and answer our questions better next time. So hopefully we'll go back and see her soon, I think we have an appointment set for sometime the next couple days! 

So the branch Mother's Day party was awesome yesterday!! I love our darling branch. Oscar "played guitar" (just strumming without any real chords..) and they sang this Spanish song that I guess is like "Happy Birthday" for us! It was a wreck, it was so funny!! And then Oscar tried to kiss me. That was really something. Haha it was so embarrassing, but I'm not sure who all from the branch saw.. Anyway, good stuff. What a funny little branch we have :)

But other than that, life just keeps on keepin' on! We have a new sister here, Sister Wood, and a new Elder, Elder Nickerl. They both seem super cool so far, I think they'll do great things for the English ward here. We were going to go to the beach today, but we kind of ran out of time.. So I think we'll go next week! Hopefully the weather stays nice and it can be good for us! I heard the best Jersey Pizza can be found at the beach. And I haven't had any real Jersey pizza yet.. But I will!! 

Anywayzzzzz, yeah. That's all. I just talked to you guys yesterday :) I love you sillies!! 

Hermana Millington

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  1. It sounds like you are doing an AWSOME job Lexie (Hermana Millington)!! What a great attitude you have! Great attitudes make great missionaries and I have seen enough missionaries to know the good ones and you stand among them! Keep it up! Sister Misssionaries have the ability to teach and touch people in a way that is different from all others. Your Spirit is so strong, and kind, it will draw people to you that you can share the Gospel with and bring them to Christ. I love working with our Sisters, They are always so awsome, and I learn from them how to share my testimony without holding back.Thank you for serving so willingly, and happily. You, Your famiy, your investigators, converts, and mission, (Mission Pres, companions etc) will all be blessed because of your service given in love. Keep spreading sunshine to all of New Jersy! Our thoughts and Prayers are with you, Have a GREAT WEEK!


    Aunt Kathleen in Alabama


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