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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WEEK TWO - February 24, 2016

Hola familia!

Well it's true, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here at the MTC!

I had a cool experience all the way last Tuesday after I'd written. Elder Oaks came to speak to us here at the MTC and we all got to shake his hand after! He winked and said, "Hermana Millington, mucho gusto!" Which means "Happy to meet you!" It was so cool. He talked about miracles are still happening, and the greatest miracle is seeing someone change their life and convert fully to the gospel. Sister Oaks spoke as well about staying focused and our purpose here. I made a resolution in a devotional on Sunday that I need to let these meetings change my life. I'm taking great notes and journaling about everything, but I need to be making changes in my life to be fully blessed. And I know if I can do the little things that I'm inspired to do during these meetings that I'll continue to receive greater revelation. So I'm praying for patience and love and I bought a new English Book of Mormon to read and highlight all the different characters of Christ in different colors. It'll be so darn cute. 

And I totally forgot last week, FELIZ TARDE CUMPEAƑOS, PAPA!! Lo siento mucho for that one, but I hope it was a wonderful day and you got to eat some wonderful steak :)

So I told my district about how we have cheese platters on Sunday afternoons and how I miss that, and somehow it's turned into this huge joke about how proper I am. And I also cut my fruit because the chunks they give us are enormous! Anyway, that's kind of our running joke these days. And we have a lot of things we say, like "por favorrrr" and "perfecto" in funny gringo accents like our teacher does sometimes. I love these guys so much. I'll send some pictures on this email and to mom from campus and me with Hna Davis and the other sisters. We took some cute ones today! We're only allowed to take pictures on P-Days here, but it's all good. So that striped shirt and purple skirt are what I'm wearing in this little computer lab ahora! 

Oh Spanish. I still just love it. I set some new goals in class yesterday about memorizing words and scriptures. It's going to require some work, but I've got the Lord on my side! We can do anything! Especially if it's His work. 
We get gym time every day except Pday and Sunday and it's been great! I'm doing all my squats and my crunches so I can come home like mom. Mis hermanas and I are getting better at ping pong and volleyball, we play like every day! It's another goal of mine to be able to dribble a basketball between my legs by the time I leave here. It's gonna rock.

This last Sunday was so fantastic! We have RS in the morning (in English, thank heavens), then a district meeting in our classroom, then a sacrament meeting in another building. Our branch is our district and two others, our whole zone. But one of the districts all left yesterday, so for now it's just the two of us! But we'll probably get another one in a couple days. Anyway, our branch president gives us all a topic to prepare a talk but doesn't tell us who's going to speak until right before the meeting or even at the pulpit sometimes. It's un poco stressful. So when we walked in I volunteered to play piano right off the bat cause I thought maybe I wouldn't have to speak then. Well nope. While I was playing prelude Presidente Fisk walked up and asked if I would speak as well. So I gave my first talk in Spanish! It was about the Restoration! It went well, I think I pronounced everything right! I've gotten to the point where I can write pretty much a whole lesson or talk in my own words, but I still have to read a lot of it off the page. So I wasn't super good at looking up, but I was speaking Spanish, soooo I've got a good excuse! But I'm glad I got the practice! 
I had a cool experience while I was teaching yesterday with Hna Davis. We have a new investigator, Louis (he's the same guy as Bruno was, one of our teachers). We had our lessons all written out and I was practicing saying everything I wanted to about the Restoration. It was our first lesson with him and I was a little nervous, but I prayed that the Spirit would guide the conversation and guide me, and it totally happened! I only read probably a couple sentences I'd written down. But he asked a lot of questions and I understood what he was saying and came up with some valid, doctrinal answers that I think made a little sense! I even invited him to be baptized (which I was not planning on doing) and he accepted! The Spirit there was very real and very cool. I felt so happy afterwords. But we got some feedback about how we need to play ping-pong in our lessons as comps and trade off asking and answering questions.

Anyway, life is good. I couldn't be happier anywhere else in the world. This is a blessed place and I'm so blessed to be here. I look around my classroom sometimes and can't help but shed a couple happy tears that I'm here with my amazing district, teachers, and friends. I miss you all and think about you and pray about you all the time, but I know you're in His hands and I have nothing to be worried about.

Les ama muho!!

Hermana Millington

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